Expats in Uganda

Your Practical Guide to settling and living in Uganda

Editions and Booking Deadline

Edition Booking Deadline Themes
December 2016 – January 2017 7th November 2016 Festive Season
February- March 2017 9th January 2017 Housing/ Insurance / Domestic Needs
April- May 2017 6th march 2017 Expats Contribution to the Economy
June-July 2017 8th May 2017

Education and Parenting

August -September 2017 10th July 2017

Everyday life + Settling

October – November 2017 10th September 2017

Conservation, Travel and Tourism

December 2017 – January 2018 11th November 2017 Festive Season

Below is our rate card per edition:

Page Size Dimensions Price VAT (18%) Total Price
Back Cover 130mm x 195mm 2 500 000UGX 450 000UGX 2 950 000UGX
Inside Front Cover 130mm x 195mm 2 200 000UGX 396 000UGX 2 596 000UGX
Inside Back Cover 130mm x 195mm 2 200 000UGX 396 000UGX 2 596 000UGX
Full Page 130mm x 195mm 1 700 000UGX 306 000UGX 2 006 000UGX
Half Page 130mm x 97mm 1 000 000UGX 180 000UGX 1 180 000UGX
Quarter Page 68mm x 97.5mm 500 000UGX 90 000UGX 590 000UGX
Classified Adverts 60mm X 43mm 200,000GX 36 000UGX 236 000UGX

Half and Full page adverts includes a business logo on our Kampala Map

Number of Editions Percentage Discount
Booking for one Edition No Discount
Bookings for 2 – 3 Editions 5% on Rate before VAT
Bookings for 4 Editions and more 10% On rate Before VAT

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