Expats in Uganda

Your Practical Guide to settling and living in Uganda


Uganda is arguably among the friendliest countries in Africa. The peace and continued growth over the years have attracted a good number of visiting tourists, foreign embassies, and large multinationals, who carry along staff when setting up shop here. It's no surprise therefore that many visiting expats have chosen to settle, long after serving out their work contracts. If you are considering a permanent move to Uganda, accommodation and housing should be high on your priority list. Worry not, we decided to run a special for you in this edition of Expats In Uganda. The development of new residential areas in the outskirts of Kampala has increased the options for luxury housing, and this has opened up neighborhoods like Naalya, Kira, Kisaasi, and Kiwatule, to expat residents. Renting/Leasing: Your options when it comes to long term housing are split between leasing and renting a house.The 1996 Constitution grants land ownership rights solely to citizens of Uganda, foreign nationals and corporations may, however, obtain leases for 49 or 99 years. If you are on a budget and willing to trade in your privacy for a more affordable option, sub-letting to split costs with a housemate could work. In Uganda, there are no tenant protection laws, rent can be freely negotiated between tenant and land lord,but will most likely require a security deposit which is worth one month's rent. Advance payment from three months to a year's rent is typically paid and succeeding rent is paid quarterly in advance. Typical rental agreements last for one to two years. Normally, a three month's notice period is included in the contract, and in some cases, a break-off or diplomatic clause is included. According to Knight Frank, a local real estate firm, there are old and new expatriate dominated areas in and around Kampala. The old areas have been established expatriate housing areas for more than a decade, are located in and around the city center (Bugolobi, Naguru, Kololo, etc.), and are generally of higher cost. The new areas are in the outskirts of the city, usually have better views, and are less expensive.


Africana Hotel Ltd 2 - 4 Wampewo Avenue, Kololo, t: 0414777000, m: 0752748080/1 w: www.hotelafricana.com e: africana@hotelafricana.com
Capitol Palace Hotel 26-32 Katalima Crescent, Naguru Hill, Naguru t: 0414289344/5 m: 0714 000784 / 0773 00084 w: www.capitolpalace.ug, e: reservations@capitolpalace.ug
The Emin Pasha Hotel 27 Akii Bua Road, Nakasero t: 0312264712/3/4/ 0414236977/8/9, m: 0752 236977/9 w: www.eminpasha.com e: info@eminpasha.com
Fairway Hotel & Spa 1-2 Kafu Road, Nakasero t: 0414259571/2 w: www.fairwayhotel.co.ug e: info@fairwayhotel.co.ug
Fang Fang Hotel 9 Ssezibwa Road, Nakasero t: 0414235828 / 0414233115 w: www.fangfang.co.ug, e: Fangfanghotel@yahoo.com fairwayhotel.co.ug
Forest Cottages 17/18 Upper Naguru, Old Kira Road t: 0414 287 308 m: 0752 711 746 e: info@forest-cottages.com w: www.forest-cottages.com
Golf Course Hotel 64-88 Yusuf Lule Road t: 0414563500 / 0312302280 e: reservation@golfcoursehotel.com w: www.golfcoursehotel.com
Grand Global Hotel Sir Apollo Kaggwa Rd, Makerere t: 0414531836 e: manager@grandglobalhotel.co.ug w: www.grandglobalhotel.co.ug
Grand Imperial Hotel Nile Avenue t: 0414250681-8 e: imperial@starcom.co.ug
Hotel Triangle 16 Buganda Road t: 0414231747 / 0414233410 e: reservations@hoteltriangle.co.ug w: www.hoteltriangle.co.ug
Hotel Ruch 3 Kintu Road t: 0312210110 m: 0702 820100 / 0772820100 e: reservation@hotelruch.com w: www.hotelruch.com
Humura Resorts 3 Kitante Close, Nakasero, Kololo t: 0414700400, 4700402 e: reservations@humura.or.ug w: www.humura.org
Imperial Royal Hotel 7 Kintu Road, Central t: 0417111001 e: information@irh.co.ug w: www.imperialhotel.co.ug
Kabira Country Club 63 0ld Kira Road,Bukoto t: 0312227222-3 e: kabiracountryclub@kabiracountryclub.com kabiracountryclub.com
Kampala Forest Resort Muyenga Tank Hill Road, Plot 7141, block 244 t: 0392 301301, 0757 921033 e: degiat92@gmail.com, estifanosadam@gmail.com
CityBlue Hotels, Nakasero t: +256791200017 e: info@citybluehotels.com, reservations.ug@cityblueshotels.com w: www.citybluehotels.com
The Seventeen Apartment Hotel 17, Kololo Hill Lane m: 0792172017 e: the17onthehill@gmail.com w: www.the17apartmenthotel.com
Nyumba 591 591, New Mulago Hill Road t: 0792172017 e: nyumba591@gmail.com
Royal Victoria House 3, Pineclose, Lubowa, Entebbe road t: 0754300175, 0772566098 e: stay@victoriahouse.com w: www.royalvictoriahouse.com
Kampala Serena Hotel 6-8 Nile Avenue, Nakasero t: 0414309000 e: kampala@serena.co.ug w: www.serenahotels.com
Metropole Hotel 51-53 Windsor Crescent, Kololo t: 0414391000 e:metropole@metroplekampala.com, reservations@metropolekampala.com w: www.metroplekampala.co.ug
Nob View Hotel Commercial Road, Ntinda t: 0414286376 m: 0774225584 e: info@nobviewhotel.com w: www.nobviewhotel.com
Protea Hotel Kampala 4 Elgon Terrace, Kololo t: 031 255 0000 e: res@proteakla.co.ug w:www.proteahotels.com/kampala
Shangri-La Nyonyi Gardens Hotel & Apartments Kololo Hill (near Kololo Airstrip) m: 0772 222622 / 0772 222612 e: nyonyi@hotel-apartment-uganda.com w: www.hotel-apartment-uganda.com
Shangri-La Hotel 8-10 Ternan Avenue, Nakasero t: 0414236213 / 0312261120 m: 0772 619755 e: hotel@shangri-la.co.ug shangri-la.co.ug
Sheraton Hotel Kampala Ternan Avenue, Nakasero t: 0414220000
Speke Hotel (1996) Ltd 7/9, Nile Avenue t: 0414 259221/224 e: spekehotel@spekehotel.com w: www.spekehotel.com
Taj Mahai Hotel & Casino 75 First street, Industrial Area t: 0417716600 e: gm@tajmahal.co.ug w: www.tajmahal.co.ug


Arcadia Suites 54A Kira Road m: +256 753 553 777, t: +256 417 333 400 e: gm@arcadiakampala.com, devarajhs@gmail.com, devarajhs@gmail.com w : www.arcadiakampala.com
Afrique Suites Hotel 95 Circular Road, Mutungo Hill t: 0414223385 m: 0772469880 e: info@afriquesuiteshotel.co.ug w: www.afriquesuiteshotel.co.ug
Cassia Lodge & Restaurant Buziga Hill m: 0755777002/4 e: info@cassialodge.com w: cassialodge.com
City Royal Resort 8-10 Kataza Close, Opposite Shell Bugolobi t: 041425803 / 0414258046 m: 0755 919000 / 0755919002 e: cityresortkampala@yahoo.co.uk, reservation@cityroyalkampala.com cityroyalkampala.com
Hotel Diplomate Diplomate Road, Tank Hill, Muyenga t: 0414267655 / 0414572828 m: 0712316086 e: diplomatekampala@hotmail.com w: www.diplomatekampala.com
Hotel Kenrock Muyenga, Kampala. t: 0414501889 m: 0752333377 e: hotelkenrock@yahoo.com
Ivy’s Hotel Mugalaasi Place, 90/91 Sir Albert Cook Road, Rubaga Wakaliga t: 0414273664 / 0312265482 e: ivys@ivyshotel.co.ug w: ivyshotel.co.ug
Khalifa Executive suites 14 Bugolobi, Binayomba Road, off Luthuli Avenue t: 0414222575 e: khalifa@khalifasuites.com w: khalifasuites.com
Lake Victoria Serena Resort Lweza – Kigo Road t: 0417121000 e: lakevictoria@serena.co.ug w: serena.co.ug
Le Petit Village Hotel 1278 Quality Hill, Ggaba Road t: 0312265530-4 e: info@leppetitvillage.net w: www.lepetitvillage.net
Manhattan Guest House Balintuma Road Namirembe t: 0788169841 e: manhattanguesthouse@hotmail.com
Royal Nest Kabakanjagala Road, Rubaga t: 0414270017 m: 0775 11259 e: royalnestinn@gmail.com
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Rwizi Arch Hotel Kansanga Kiwafu Road, Kasanga m: 0772 684839 / 0782915164 e: hotel.rwiziarch@gmail.com
Silver Springs Hotel Plot 76 A&B Port Bell Road, Bugolobi t: 0414505976 m: 0776 790175 / 0772604848 e: silverspringshotel@yahoo.com
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The Squires Guest House 1-3 Kiswa Road, Bugolobi t: 0414220254
Tristar Hotel 1215 Kabowa Road,Najjanankumbi t: 0312515161 / 0414272099 e: info@tristarhotelkampala.com w: www.tristarhotelkampala.com
Yellow Haven Lodge Ggaba road ( At Oryx Petrol Station go left off Ggaba Road) t: 0782900457 e: joan.kelly@yellowhaven.com


Acacia Apartments 23, Acacia Avenue, Kololo t: 0772 403462, 0702 789322, 0715 759556 e: acaciaapartments@gmail.com
Acacia Suites 31 Acacia avenue, Kololo t: 0414254644 m: 0712 212121 e: apartmentsinkampala@gmail.com w: www.apartmentsinkampala.com
Acacia Suites 31 Acacia avenue, Kololo t: 0414254644 m: 0712 212121 e: apartmentsinkampala@gmail.com w: www.apartmentsinkampala.com
Aspen Place Executive Suites 773 Ggaba Road, Bunga t: 041 4269485. e: aspenplace@gmail.com
Bukoto Heights Apartments 481/482 Bukoto m: 0752 711 846 t: 0200 977 777/ 76 e: manager@bukotoheights.com w: www.bukotoheights.com
Castle Apartments 1844, Kisota road, Kisaasi-Ntinda t: 0312 265812/3, m: 0754 372882 e: info@castleuganda.com w: www.castleuganda.com
Crystal Suites 31/33 off old portbell road, Bugolobi t: 0414259087 m: 0712629483 e: info@crystalsuitesuganda.com w: crystalsuitesuganda.com
Dolphin Suites 36, Princess Anne Drive, Bugolobi t: 0414 505 652, m: 0752 711 277 e: manager@dolphinsuites.co.ug dolphinsuites.co.ug
Elizabeth Apartments 3-5 Bukoto Rise, Naguru m: 0772443355
Enkombe Place Apartments 14A Sserunkuma Road, Upper Mbuya t: 0414223179, m: 0772342433 / 0772935572 e: info@enkombeplace.com w: www.enkombeplace.com
Forest Villas Plot 6/8 Kyaggwe Road, Nakasero m: 0776 523 327 e: info@forest-villas.com w: forest-villas.com
Golf Course Apartments 5 Makindu Close, off Yusuf Lule Road, Kololo t: 0414255465 / 0414302280 e: gci@golfcourseapartments.com w: golfcourseapartments.com
Hillview Apartments 7-9 Clement Hill Road, Nakasero t: 0414233963 / 0414251434 m: 0752650067 e: hillview@utlonline.co.ug w: www.hillview.w1.co.ug
Kabira Country Club Ltd 63 Old Kira Road, Bukoto t: 0312 227 222/223 e: kabiracountryclub@kabiracountryclub.com w: www.kabiracountryclub.com
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Legacy Courts Plot 7 Commercial Road, Ntinda t: +256 414 289 e: info@legacycourtsapartmentskampala.com w: legacycourtsapartmentskampala.com
Palm Apartments Naguru 50 Naguru Drive t : 0757 786900
Paradise Estate town homes 34B Naguru Drive, Naguru t: 0776126594, 0781535730
Regency Suites & Apartments 30 Lugogo Bypass t: 0414251878 m: 0792 700121/ 0752743212 e: info@regency-suitesug.com w: www.regency-suitesug.com
Royal Suites 18-20 Binayomba Road, Bugolobi t: 0312263816-9 m: 0772 506752 e: royal@royalsuites.co.ug w: www.royalsuites.co.ug
Salama springs apartments 76E Old Port Bell Road, Bugolobi t: 0414505969/70/71 e: manager@salamasprings.com w: salamasprings.com
Selonie Homes Limited Salama Road, Munyonyo t: 0414373465 m: 0774359169 e: info@seloniehomes.com, seloniehomesltd@yahoo.com w: www.seloniehomes.com
Speke Apartments 19, Wampewo, Kololo m: 0752 711704, 0753 885440, t: 0414 346180/82/83 e: spekeapartment@rupareliagroup.com w: www.spekeapartments.com
Speke Resort Munyonyo Munyonyo Road t: 041771600/716 200, 0752 711 842 e: spekeresort@spekeresort.com w: www. spekeresort.com
Sunsiri Apartments t: 0759 757757 / 0779 592140 e: sunsiriapartments@gmail.com
Summit View Apartments Kololo 21/23 kololo hill lane, Kololo t: 0312298208 e: contact@summitviewapartments.net w: www.summitviewapartments.net

Rules for Moving in Successfully

  • Ensure that all your belongings are insured for their replacement value before being shipped.
  • With the help of friends or recommended realtors, look for a suitable house before arrival of your goods to avoid all subsequent storage costs.
  • Ensure that water and electricity are properly connected; working perfectly and the bills are up to date.
  • Do not pay your rent unless the landlord has documented proof that all bills are up to date. Otherwise, you risk inheriting them to avoid disconnection.
  • Do not pay your rent to realtors unless you have seen the actual landlord.
  • When taking delivery of your goods, show the removal team around the house first; you may even put signs on each door with the name of the room in a language they understand (most removal companies use English).


AGS Frasers Uganda Ltd 598B 7th street, industrial area tel:0414348337 | 0793782349 w: www.agsfrasers.com e: agas-uganda@agsmovers.com
Kaps Impex Ltd Tulip 37/39 Kimera Rd, P.o. Box 200 Ntinda K’la (U) Ltd. m: +0753632963, 0772326203, 0782222246, 0702844227 w: www.kapsimpex.com e: sales@kapsimpex.com
Mahogany Logistics & Trading Tulip 37/39 Kimera Rd, P.o. Box 200 Ntinda K’la (U) Ltd. t: 0392 966022, 0200 923980 w: www.mahoganylogistics.com e: mlt256africa@gmail.com
Expats Relocation Service Plot 80 Buganda Road, t: 0392 001679, m: 0774 098638, w: www.ugandaexpatsguide.com e:grace@ugandaexpatsguide.com
To rent there is always an agreement drawn up between the landlord (usually the owner of the building being rented out) and a tenant, relating to occupying the building, subject to payment of rent. If you rent a property ‘furnished’, it usually has furniture, crockery but does not normally include sheets, etc. Sign an inventory as this will help you in the event of dispute. If you rent ‘unfurnished’, you should be aware that the majority of decent apartments include kitchen appliances but curtain rails, carpets and lighting appliances are not usually included. After identifying the property and inspecting it to ensure that it meets your desired standards; you are advised, as a first time resident, to preferably engage the services of a lawyer. The landlord will be expected to provide you with a copy of the title deed and identification documents. The first time resident should provide; A copy of his/her passport, photographs and both parties (landlord/lessee) will be required to sign a copy of the tenancy agreement.
Home Hippo Mackenzie Vale Road, Kololo 0705126526, 0705126526 www.homehippo.ug
True Level 0752631526, 0752631526
Lamudi 436-437 Mawanda Road,B3 Corner House, 0784070350 www.lamudi.co.ug

Payable by the Tenant

Private consumption of water, gas, electricity. Plus communal management charges in flats.

Payable by the Landlord

Repair of buildings, rire insurance, purchase of communal materials, maintenance and repair of tanks, tiles, and electrical installations.

Tenants’ Deposit

Tenants usually pay a deposit which is refunded at the end of the tenancy, less any costs of damage agreed between the two parties.
Ugandan law stipulates that a foreigner cannot buy land but can only get a lease. However the same law allows you to buy land in the name of a company. After locating and identifying the desired property, you are advised;
  1. To find a recommended lawyer
  2. To ensure that you get a copy of the title and have it verified at the Ministry of Lands to ensure that the title is genuine.
  1. After confirmation that the title is genuine, when ready to pay for the property, have a lawyer draft a sales agreement for the property which should be signed by both parties i.e. the seller and buyer plus witnesses and a lawyer subsequent to which payment is finalized.
  2. Proceed and register the title deed in your names.
Purchase is carried out in 3 stages: the signature of a provisional sales agreement (key document that shows evidence of purchase),followed by issue of transfer forms (documents used to indicate evidence of property transfer) and the title deed (legal document that shows evidence of ownership of a property). Also required during purchase is a copy of the vendor’s/buyer’s identification documents, along with 2 passport photographs of the vendor/buyer.



Required documentation:
  •  You must have fully completed forms 8, 10, 18, 23 from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development http://mlhud.go.ug/lands-management-forms/.
  • A set of authentic deed plans.
  • 3 passport photos
  • Area land Committee report
  • District land officer technical report
  • Receipt of payment
  • Forwarding letter requesting for a leasehold title signed by the District Land officer of the respective District where the land is located.
  • Present original copies and photocopies (of the above documents) to the department of land Administration for processing where Photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Check for approval of documents within a period of ten working days.
  • Once approved the documents are then forwarded to the office of titles for preparation and issuance of lease agreements, sealing by the chairperson and secretary of the respective district land board. This takes ten working days.
  • Pay stamp duty ( 1% of premium of 1 % of annual rent X years granted)
  • Once the lease documents have been fully signed, sealed and Embossed at URA, you’re then issued photocopy of lease agreement (signed, stamped “Received”).
  • On presenting the stamped “Received” copy you’re then issued a Leasehold title.
Fees paid to URA – 1% of the premium ground Rent.4Fees paid to Ministry and District Registration fees: UGX. 10,000 Assurance of Title: UGX 20,000 Issuance of Title: UGX. 20,000 Preparation of lease: UGX 20,000
Register Caveat Removal of Caveat based on a Request by person who placed it Acquiring Mortgage
Procedure: Required Documents:
  • Two sets of dated, embossed Caveat documents duly witnessed by advocate and signed by you (Deponent).
  • Statutory declaration signed by development and commissioners for Oaths.
  • 2 passport photos as Deponent
  • Present original copies and photocopies (of the above documents) to the office of titles for processing where Photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Confirm entry of caveat upon the register in a period of ten working days.
Procedure: Required Documents:
  • A letter of withdrawal of Caveat
  • 1 passport photos as Deponent
  • General receipts of payment of stamp duty and Registration fee
  • Present original copies and photocopies (of the above documents) to the Department of land registration for processing where Photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Confirm verification of your Identity within 5 working days.
  • Present the stamped “Received” copy with in a period of five working days to confirm whether caveat has been removed from the register.
Fees Involved: Registration fees - UGX. 10,000 Stamp Duty - UGX 5,000
Procedure: Required Documents:
  • 2 sets of Mortgage deeds
  • Duplicate title
  • 2 passport photos
  • Receipt of payment
  • Present original copies and photocopies (of the above documents) to the department of land Administration for processing where Photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Check for approval of documents within a period of ten working days.
  • On presenting the stamped “Received” copy you’re then issued a duplicate title and Mortgage deed.
  • Fees Involved Stamp duty - 0.05% of the value of the mortgage Registration fees - UGX. 15,000 If it’s a company an additional UGX 5,000 is paid for perusal of company Records. If the mortgage affects more than one title, an additional UGX 5,000 is paid for each extra plot.
Bageine & Company 1st Floor Amber House t: 0414 258 117 National Housing Corporation Plot 5 7th Street Industrial Area t: 0414 330 002 Canansites Limited Plot 4 Wampewo Avenue, Kololo t: 0414 347 397 Jukas Construction Company limited Plot 33A Murtala Courts, Nakasero t: 0312 265 455, Nationwide Properties (Royal Palms) Crane Management Services Limited 38, 1st Floor, Crane Chambers t: 0414 343 607/608/552, M: 0752 711 750/903/035 e: cms@rupareliagroup.com w: www.cms.co.ug Tirupati Development Company P O Box 2412 t: 0712 991 293, 0714888901 Roliat estate agency ltd Estsate Agents, Land Property Managers Madhvani Building, Jinja road e: priamit@priamittyres.com, proamittyres@gmail.com w: www.priamittyres.com t: 041 4232116/4230068,m:0772 2736444/075 0465900
ELECTRICITY & GAS The electrical power is composed of hydro and thermal power generated from Bujagali and Owen Falls dam. Power is then transmitted to various distributors in Uganda. UMEME Umeme Rwenzori House 1 Lumumba Avenue 0312 360600, www.umeme.co.ug Electricity in the Kampala market UMEME is in charge of the management and total distribution network for both domestic and industrial electricity in Kampala – Capital Region. Consumers are billed based on the energy used. UMEME draws up energy prices based on different elements: taxes, energy costs, rate for use of the networks and public surcharges. Yaka Most domestic and small commercial customers have been converted to the Prepaid Metering system ‘Yaka’. UMEME is responsible for the cost of Yaka installation for domestic and ordinary commercial customers. What do I receive when my Yaka connection is complete? The new meter will be installed in a tamper proof meter box. A swipe card will be issued and a Customer Interface Unit (CIU) allowing you to monitor your energy consumption will be installed inside your premises. You will also be given a copy of the Meter Installation Form. Currently, credit vouchers can be purchased from UMEME Service Centres or through payway outlets. You can chose to buy as much power as you please based on your consumption habits. Once your units are complete, your electricity will go off. However, the Yaka CIU will signal a warning beep when the credit is running low. You are only charged for units used. If you plan to travel ensure that you load your Yaka meter with sufficient units or switch off electrical appliances. In case you forget or lose your token number or slip simply call the UMEME Contact Centre on 0800 185 185 or 0800 185 186 or visit UMEME outlets with your meter number. Safety Tips Power surges are common in Uganda so ensure any sensitive equipment (e.g. fridges, computers) is protected with a surge protector, available from supermarkets and electrical stores. Check the Umeme website www.umeme.co.ug for planned outages in your area. Apartments should have a back-up power supply. Tenants are usually responsible for a back-up supply for houses, so investigate generators and inverters. GAS: Gas is available for domestic use in canisters of 6 and 15kg. You will need to pay a deposit for a gas cylinder, a regulator and rubber hose. Thereafter you pay to refill the canister, and get the deposit on the cylinder back if you return the cylinder to the supplier when you leave Uganda. GAS SUPPLY Gas is supplied by big companies like Shell, Total, Kobil, Petrocity and Hash Energy.Construction/Maintenance of industrial gas installations is where Home Gas lies, and mostly individual contractors working for the suppliers mentioned above. GENERATORS Terrain Plant Ltd Tank Hill Parade, Muyenga   041 4266749 INVERTERS AND SOLAR SYSTEMS Most Solar companies provide equipment for small solutions suitable for domestic (lighting, phone charging, Television and Fridges) Bare Foot Power Uganda Ltd 31 Bukoto Crescent, Naguru, t: 0312781212 w: www.barefootpoweruganda.comUltraTec (U) Ltd, Kabalagala, +256-752-200007, +256-772-200007, +256-712-200007 ultratecworld@gmail.com Seven Hills Impex Ltd 1st Street, Industrial Area, +256(0)414 - 344209, +256(0)414 – 230516 e: sales@sevenhills.co.ugsupport@sevenhills.co.ug w: www.sevenhills.co.ugItal Trade Kansanga – Kiwafu Road w: www.italpowersolutions.com t: +256 (0) 414 267 862 italtradesolar@gmail.comSolar Construct Mulwana Road W:www.solarconstruct.com t: +256(0)393 264 264 | +256 772 732 690 e: info@solarconstruct.comWATER National Water and Sewerage Corporation (the authority for distribution of water) are the principle suppliers of water in Uganda. Kampala Area Main Branch 18/29 sixth street t: 031226487, 041315500/501 e: gm@kampalawater.co.ugThe Bill Clients are recognized by Property and Customer Reference number. With improved technology NWSC uses a Hand-held meter reading device to draw up the bill based on your meter. Payment is done using E-water payment system or at any Bank. Water Supply (In case of water shortage) Tukolebukozi Water Supply Kalerwe roundabout Gayaza Road (charges about shs.200,000 for 8,000 litres inclusive of delivery costs) t: 07044537003 Plumbers Uganda Martyrs Shrine Plumbing Hardware t: 0772 644 886, Mbowa 0772 495 228
You can satellite services by subscribing directly to your desired cable provider. Providers all give access to digital TV only. HOW TO SUBSCRIBE: In all cases, subscription is possible at providers’ shops/ outlets. The length of subscription and connection procedure will depend on the services chosen and equipment needed. All the relevant addresses are referred to below:
K-gas 4 Wankulukuku Road t: 0414271425 w: www.kenolkobil.com e: kobil@kobil.co.ug
Mogas Uganda Ltd 4-100 Mukabya Road Along Kampala Jinja Highway t: 0414341914, 0752741750 w: www.Mogasoil.com e: mogas.uganda@Mogasoil.com
Shell (VIVO Energy) 9/11, 7th Street industrial area t: 0312220261 w: wwww.vivoenergy.com e: mogas.uganda@Mogasoil.com
Total Uganda Ltd 4, 8th street Industrial Area t: 0414390713
Home Gas ( U ) Ltd S.F 39 Ovino Mall, Kisenyi Rd t: 0782616255 e: info@homegas.ltd.ug w: homegas.ltd.ug
Multichoice Garden City Mall and Ibis Vale t: 0414 330000 w: www.hotelafricana.com e: africana@hotelafricana.com
StarTimes First Floor, Soliz House 23, Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero, t: 0417 117700 w: www.startimes.com.ug
Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is the regulatory body for the communication sector. The various Telecom companies can be differentiated by code. They have different call ratings and internet packages. In case you’re to travel check whether your desired network offers roaming services. Airtel Former Warid towers, t: 0414 230110 / 0752 230110 w: www.airtel.com MTN Uganda 22 Hannington Road, Nakasero, t: 0312 212333 Africell 28-30 Clement Hill Road, Nakasero, w: www.africell.ug Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) Rwenzori Courts, Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero, t: 0414 333200   INTERNET Internet connection can either be by modem/ wireless connection/ telephone/direct to handset. Internet Providers directly offer internet services tailored to individual’s needs.Fibre optic cable is being installed throughout Kampala but is not yet operational Africa Online 5th Floor, commercial Plaza, t: 0414342554 FSAT Communication Uganda Ltd 1 Colville street, Ground Floor, t: 0414343334 Infocom 26 Wampewo Avenue, Kololo t: 041 4562800 Smile Communications Uganda Ltd Plot 10-12, Corporation Rise, Bukoto, Kampala t: +256 (0) 414 530 470, m: info@smile.co.ug w: www.smile.co.ug Tangerine Kanjokya Street, Kamwokya, t: +256 (414 ) 235536/7 e: sales@tangerine.co.ug, w: www.tangerine.co.ug Smart Telecom 1 Clement Hill Road, t: 0740 100 100 REGISTRATION OF SIMCARD You can purchase a SIM - Card for your handset at any nearby kiosk. Kiosks are usually branded with the kind of telecom service available. It’s mandatory that every sim-card purchased is registered before usage. You can register at any registering agent of your respective network free of charge. You’re required to have a photocopy of a valid ID and a passport size photograph. International Airtime Top Up International Airtime Top Up allows you to instantly top up your mobile phone number while roaming in other countries or send airtime to people and businesses on other networks across East Africa and around the world. 3 Mapeera Lane, Entebbe, t: 0312 301833 e: support@internationalairtimetopup.com w: www.internationalairtimetopup.com  
You can load internet, airtime for any network, pay for DSTV, Startimes, Gotv, water bills and buy an air ticket. It’s time saving, and you will receive an instant message on your phone to let you know that your transaction was successful. PayWay Plot 15, Block 979, Nsambya, Kampala, Opposite the back gate of USA embassy, Toll free line: 0 800 20 30 20 Whatsapp: 0792 240 818, w: www.payway.ug Bomba Pay Suzie House Ggaba Road, m: 0776 222502/3 Mcash 4 Wampewo avenue, Kololo. Investment House m: 0414233799 e: info@mcash.ug w: www.mcash.ug
EI Designers Interior & Landscape Consultants Wakiso Najjemba, Plot 42 Block 258, Kasengejje Road, 34941 kampala uganda, e: designerspaces@live.com ei_designers@yahoo.com t:0779 134384,0704 720 446 Banana Boat Lugogo Bypass- Lugogo Shopping Mall, Jinja Road. Garden City, Kisementi (next to Endiro) and Acacia Mall), t: 0414222363 e: crafts@bananaboat.co.ug   Good Glass m: 0773 864711, w: www.goodglassug.com e: info@goodglassug.com Kampala Fair 50 Bukoto Street m:0788405838 w: www.kampalafair.com Kona Bukoto Street Nimwendo Co. Ltd t: 0414592865 m: 0782 010714 e: pole.pole.nimwendo@gmail.com Phoenicia International Ltd FAME House Bukoto- Ntinda,, t: 0772 540 000 Karibu Art gallery Bukotkisasird, Rd before kabira country club for original interiorartworks, sculptures& artistic furniture. t: 0782747762/0712990974) DECORATION You may wish to call on a decorator, do it yourself or opt for an intermediate solution involving working with a decorating shop where you will find a wide selection, advice and someone to help you translate your ideas into reality. Deco Studio UMA Show ground, Opp the main hall Faith and Petals, Dewiton, Jinja Road Flower Palace, Middle East Bugolobi Homes and Gardens, Bandali Rise, Bugolobi Maison 1273 Quality Hill Boutique, Gaba road Kampala t: 0794 714 254/0414 510 465, e: info@m-maison.net w: www.m-maison.net FURNITURE Nina Interiors Ltd 41 Jinja Road, t: 0414233379, 0312262453/4 e: info@ninainteriors.co.ug w: www.ninainteriors.co.ug Pallet Furniture Limited m: 0751800679, 0776800679, e: info@palletfurnitureug.com w: www.palletfurnitureug.com Awaka 73/74 Mulwana Road, Industrial Area, Bugolobi w: www.awaka.ug Biplous U Ltd 62 Kampala road t: 04142333611, e: biplous@rihamgroup.com Design Kwetu Hand Made recycled timber furniture and decor M: 0782962104 / 0773125633 e: designkwetuDK@gmail.com Fancy furniture 22 Spear House, Jinja Road t: 0312 264933, m: 0702 714075 e: fancyfurnitureltd@gmail.com Furniture barrel 11 old portBell Road, t: 0313 261777 w: www.furniturebarrel.com e: info@furniturebarrel.com HwanSung Pioneer House, Jinja Road, t: 0392 789137/8 w: www.hwansungbiz.com Maison 1273 Quality Hill Boutique, Gaba road Kampala t: 0794 714 254 / 0414 510 465 e: info@m-maison.net w: www.m-maison.net Nina Interiors Ltd 41 Jinja Road3, t: 0414 251024 / 0414 233379 w: www.ninainteriors.co.ug e: bnyonjo@ninainteriors.co.ug Nyumbani 7, first street industrial area e: nyumbanidecor@yahoo.co.uk Villa Kololo Interiors Plot 11 Old Portbell road, t: 0784 813 706 e: villakololo@gmail.com HOME WARES Maison 1273 Quality Hill Boutique, Gaba road Kampala t: 0794 714 254 / 0414 510 465, e: info@m-maison.net w: www.m-maison.net Kardamom & Koffee Home wares and books 4 Kar Road (off Wampewo Ave) Kololo BEDDINGS 4 Euroflex Ltd M514 Jinja Road, kyambogo t: 0312 262058/ 0312 261260 Nytil Jinja, E : garments@nytil.co.ug CLEANING SERVICES Ustars (fumigation, sewage emptying & cleaning t: 0701 600144 Safi Cleaning Services t: 0414 233 565 DRY CLEANING, LAUNDRY SERVICES Spot Clean Dry Cleaners 8 Jinja Rd, Garden City, Kabalagala, Capital Shoppers Ntinda & Oasis Mall t :0414341601 m: 0772835300 e: info@spotclean.co.ug w: www.spotclean.co.ug