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Expats in Uganda, a product of Lynx Media Ltd is your free practical guide to settling and living in Uganda and was founded in 2013. The Guide offers readers resourceful and insightful solutions to questions that you may come across in your daily life. The Guide covers a variety topics such as how to obtain visas, which school is the best for your child, where to go for a night out and much more

Expat Experience And Blogs

For years we have been working with expats to produce content that gives first hand information about experiences by real expats. Now we give you the opportunity to read these stories as we hope they will not only educate you but also give you a chance to make informed decisions while living in uganda.

Izumi (a Japanese word which means natural spring) Restaurant & Lounge symbolizes freshness, and
ext and Photos: Laura Wando Many expats in Kampala who become pregnant find themselves facing
Native Japanese wisdom dictates, ‘Hara hachi bun me’, which roughly translates as, ‘eat until you


Are you planning to buy, sell or rent a house and more! We give you  an oportunity to do just that. We also connect people with skills and services to those that need them