How do you think children learn best? How can we design schools to best prepare our children for their future?
The International School Of Uganda (ISU) organized a lecture series event with the theme “Preparing Our Children for their Future: The Evolution of Learning” led by two of ISU’s staff, Daniel Todd and Ryan Hopkins-Wilcox on the 7th February 2019.

Nearly 36 community members and parents spent the evening discussing and engaging in exciting activities that resonated around the talk that focused on what type of future our children will face? The future presents us with many questions about what skills are needed and how we decide what is worth learning?

Daniel Todd, ISU’s Junior School Principal, is a visionary educator who is looking towards the future as he leads ISU forward. Mr. Todd was educated in the United Kingdom and has been in Uganda for fifteen years.

Ryan Hopkins-Wilcox, International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator works with teachers, students and parents to implement a curriculum that prepares students to apply their learning to life beyond school.

The rapid changes the world is going through calls for immediate attention to how to best prepare students for jobs and technologies that are not yet invented. According to a report by Dell Technologies 85% of the jobs of 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. “We don’t know what jobs are going to be available in the future, so acquiring skills, new knowledge, adapting to new situations and thinking outside the box, needs to be achieved through creative and critical  thinking” Ryan said.

The way school has been designed can no longer stay up-to-date with the rapid changes we see in today’s world. By sticking with the traditional way of “schooling” we are not  meeting the needs of students in 2019, so what can this mean for the students who will graduate in 2029 or 2039? It has been found that with the rapid growth of information students studying a 4 year technical degree today will find that half of what they have learned will be outdated by their 3rdyear of study.

It’s imperative that we think what that means for students. Teaching only knowledge, when knowledge changes and grows so quickly, is no longer what education requires. Our children need the skills to be ready to interact with and succeed in a dynamic world.

The world today is full of many opportunities and challenges which need high levels of cognitive abilities and emotional strength to be successful in school and elsewhere in life.

The aim of the ISU Lecture Series is to bring the conversations beyond the walls of the school to the wider community. ISU wants to hear the thoughts, perspectives and ideas of our Kampala community; they want to share in an understanding of where to go and and how to get there in order to  “redesign schools for the future.”

ISU has organized numerous other lectures around the city,  addressing other topics of interest, including how to monitor and manage your child’s use of technology at home, the International Baccalaureate Curriculum and how to support your child’s learning through reading, passion and play. The lecture series are targeted towards parents for ISU and non ISU children, intellectuals, the corporate and business world to help all of us better prepare our children for their future.