Rwenzori mountains national park

Rwenzori is certainly one of Africa’s most fantastic natural environments. The Rwenzoris are mainly identified as one of the most unique and these have got alpine climates though found in an equatorial location. This also means that it receives higher levels of rainfall that anywhere else in the world. This exciting combination of both heavy rain fall as great exposure to the sun which has created the most basic land scape, wrapped in the giant tree heathers, the lobelias, the groundsel, the colorful lichen as well as the deep moss. It’s also an account of the luxuriant vegetation which the Rwenzoris have been described as the home of Africa’s botanical big game.

This park is also home to some of the few tropical glaciers remaining in the world on mount stanley, speke and baker. It’s also only when you climb to the top of the Rwenzoris to its snowcapped peaks that keep over the rain forest below that its detachment below from the equatorial Africa will really become so apparent. Though these glaciers are rapidly retreating and have decreased from a total area of over 2.5 qm to less than half a square mile with in the last century and now it can be climbed with it.


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