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English is the basic language of education used in Kampala schools. In addition schools complement this with Swahili and French.


Nursery schools: From the age of 3 to 5; this level is not compulsory but recommended by education experts. This is more like kindergarten. All nursery schools in Kampala are privately owned.
Primary schools: from the age of 6 to 12. Primary schools are both private and Government owned. There are 81 Government owned primary schools.
Secondary schools: from the age of 12 to 18. This level is categorized into O-level (a cycle of 4 years) and A- level (A cycle of 2 years). Secondary schools are both private and government owned.
University: There are a range of universities in and around Kampala, both government and privately owned, some with religious affiliations. Also technical colleges, all of which can easily be found on the internet. Courses last between 3 – 5 years.

Schools using Montessori methods

Montessori education follows the principles of an Italian physician, Maria Montessori. She believed in human development through freedom of choice within limits, in a discovery- type situation rather than by formal instruction, in mixed age classrooms. This method only works really well with a Montessori trained teacher. Although new to Uganda, Montessori primary schools have been established for many years in Europe and America.

Schools Address Telephone Website E-Mail
Honey-Tree Montessori Pre-School 950 Kisugu Road t: 0414268068 m: 0752 616777
Montessori Pre – School and Day Care Centre 2155 Old Jinja Road m: 0782 713547 e: montessoridcc@yahoo.com

In Kampala the international schools follow a variety of curriculum and international baccalaureate to prepare students for university, both for in Uganda or outside. Some also offer certification following vocational training.

Schools Address Telephone Website E-Mail
 Acacia International School (Operates under an American curriculum, with a semester system.  Classes range from Pre-primary to Grade 8). Rest corner, Muyenga, Kampala  m. +256 752 403961 e. admin@acacia.co.ug
Acorns International School (operates under Primary Yeas Program (PYP), the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum with both pre- and primary section) 448, Bukoto Crescent t. +256 312-202-665 w: www.ais.ac.ug e. info@ais.ac.ug, principal@ais. ac.ug
Aga Khan School Col. Gaddafi Road, Old Kampala.  w:www.agakhanschools.org
Ambrosoli International ( The school teaches the international British curriculum)  10/12 Binayomba Street, Bugolobi   t: 0312266777, 0312266778, 0414220416  w: www.ambrosolischool.com  e: ambrosoli@ambrosolischool. com
French School (2-14year olds) (recognized by the Agency in charge of teaching French Abroad)  Lugogo By-Pass  t: 0414341 660  e: ecolfran@imul.com
 Galaxy International School Uganda  1107 Lubowa Estate  m: 0781 468000  w: www.gisu.ac.ug  e: info@gisu.ac.ug
GEMS Cambridge International School 102/104 Butabika Rd t: +256755177982  w: www.gemscis-kampala.com  e: admin cik@gemsedu.com
Heritage International School  Off Ggaba Road Kansanga  t: 0414596033/4  w: www.heritage.co.ug  e: his@heritage.co.ug.
International School of Uganda (Offers three International Baccalaureate programmes: the Primary Years Programme (Junior School), the Middle Years Programme (grades 6-10) and the Diploma Programme (grades 11 and 12).  272-273 Lubowa Estates  t: 0414200374/8/9.  w: www.isu.ac.ug e: admin@isumail.ac.ug.
 Kampala International School Uganda (KISU)  Old Kira Road, Bukoto  t: 0414530472  w: www.kisu.com e: admissions@kisu.com.
Rainbow lnternational School Uganda Kansanga (Off Ggaba Road) Nanganda t: 0312266696/7 m: 0772 593296/ 0756594803  w: www.risu.sc.ug e: pro@risu.sc.ug
Aga Khan Nursery Col.Gadaffi Road, Old Kampala. t: 04143082343 w:www.agakhanschools.org
Dolphins International Pre-School 2069 Bernadette Lane,Namugongo t:0414695172 w: www.dolphinpreschool.sch.ug  e:info@dolphinpreschool.sch.ug
Kissyfur International Pre- Kindergarten and Day Care. Since 1993 with day care facilities (18 months – 5 years) learning through play – way method and child – centred approach.  1, Bandali Rise Bugolobi, Entrance on Luthuli Avenue t: 0414 222 095 w: www.kissyfur.com,  e: kissyfur@nca.co.ug
Kampala Community International Pre-School (emphasizes the importance of learning through a play-based and childcentered curriculum for the 18 months and 5 years). 7, Makajja Close, Naguru  t: 0794 254 042  www. kcipreschool.com  e: director@kcipreschool.com
Little Swans  1704 Tank Hill Road, Muyenga t: 0772 427761
The Ark International Pre-School 21 Akii Bua Road, Nakasero m: 07723333.  e: theark33@gmail.com
Delhi Public School International 17-15 Saddler way, Naguru, t: 0759 711 126 / 0759 711 190 w: www.dpsuganda.com e: admissions@dpsuganda.com
St. Marcelino Pre- School Kivebulaaya Road, Mengo t: 0775218937, 0393290345 e: stmarcelino@gmail.com
Kampala Community International Pre-School (emphasizes the importance of learning through a play-based and child centered curriculum for the 18 months and 5 years).  7, Makajja Close, Naguru, www.kcipreschool.com  t: 0794 254 042  e: director@kcipreschool.com
Muvule Academy (International Kindergarten) 56 Church Road, Entebbe. t: 0781921647/ 0701921647 w: www.muvuleacademy.com e: info@muvuleacademy.com / admissions@muvuleacademy.com
Oak International School (Offers Cambridge IGCSE curriculum) Plot 4769, Kawuku Road, Ggaba, Bunga  m: +256-702-202-775, +256-706-202-777 e: info@ais.ac.ug