Expat Relocation

Expats in Uganda Guide, a product of Lynx Media, has had Expats Relocation at the grassroots as a support product long over time. After receiving a series of inquiries from Newcomers (End-Users) especially, we realize the need for harboring a relocation center.  we’re confident that we’re better off reaching the market on our own than having to use other agents. We look forward to growing partnerships in different service industries as Service Providers especially those aligned to our value proposition, with whom we will entrust and create a link to the end user.

Why US?

  • With a backup of our Guide, we have created a foot print in the Expat Audience as a reliable source of information on how to settle in Uganda with ease.
  • We’re aware of traits of our audience and our professionalism presides us.
  • We offer a harmonious business platform for both end users and service providers. We negotiate for good pricing on behalf of users and also extend professional services to end users on behalf of our service providers. Everyone Wins!

Our Scope Of Service

We are here for your full relocation independent of third parties. Below is our list of services:
Schooling Assistance, Real Estate- Housing and maintenance, Corporate solutions, Travel & Adventure

Schooling Assistance

  • Information of Education in Uganda that suites your desired Curriculum
  • Assistance in school registration,
  • Appointments with heads of schools
  • Investigate for places in schools

Real Estate, Housing and Maintenance  

  • Finding accommodation/home
  • Assistance with Utilities, Telephone, Water, GAs, electricity, Post, mobile registration.


  • Assistance with permits and Government registration
  • Online concierge services
  • Pet and Vet Services

Corporate Solutions

  • Finding Office Space and sharing
  • Acquiring Insurances
  • Assistance with opening Bank Accounts

Travel and Adventure

  • Travel (Air ticketing, Car Hire)
  • Adventure (Within Uganda)

Fill this form if you only want information about how to relocate to uganda. if you want to open a file and start the process of being relocated select the next oprion on the tab