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Rules for Moving in Successfully

  • Ensure that all your belongings are insured for their replacement value before being shipped.
  • With the help of friends or recommended realtors, look for a suitable house before arrival of your goods to avoid storage costs
  • Ensure that water and electricity are properly connected; working perfectly and the bills are up to date.
  • Do not pay your rent unless the landlord has documented proof that all bills are up to date. Otherwise, you risk inheriting them
  • Do not pay your rent to realtors unless you have seen the actual landlord
  • When taking delivery of your goods, show the removal team around the house first; you may even put signs on each door with the name of the room in a language they understand (most removal companies use English).


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Executive Relocations

To rent there is always an agreement drawn up between the landlord (usually the owner of the building being rented out) and a tenant, relating to occupying the building, subject to payment of rent. If you rent a property ‘furnished’, it usually has furniture, crockery but does not normally include sheets, etc.

Sign an inventory as this will help you in the event of dispute. If you rent ‘unfurnished’, you should be aware that the majority of decent apartments include kitchen appliances but curtain rails, carpets and lighting appliances are not usually included.   After identifying the property and inspecting it to ensure that it meets your desired standards;you are advised, as a first time resident, to preferably engage the services of a lawyer. The landlord will be expected to provide you with a copy of the title deed and identification documents. The first time resident should provide; A copy of his/her passport, photographs and both parties (landlord/lessee) will be required to sign a copy of the tenancy agreement.

Payable by the Tenant;

Private consumption of water, gas, electricity.
Communal management charges in flats.

Payable by the Landlord;

Repair of buildings, Fire insurance, purchase of communal materials, maintenance and repair of tanks, tiles and electrical installations.

Tenants’ Deposit;

Tenants usually pay a deposit which is refunded at the end of the tenancy, less any costs of damage agreed between the two parties.

Ugandan law stipulates that a foreigner cannot buy land but can only get a lease. However the same law allows you to buy land in the name of a company. After locating and identifying the desired property, you are advised;

To find a recommended lawyer

To ensure that you get a copy of the title and have it verified at the Ministry of Lands to ensure that the title is genuine.

After confirmation that the title is genuine, when ready to pay for the property, have a lawyer draft a sales agreement for the property which should be signed by both parties i.e. the seller and buyer plus witnesses and a lawyer subsequent to which payment is finalized.

Proceed and register the title deed in your names.

Purchase is carried out in 3 stages: the signature of a provisional sales agreement (key document that shows evidence of purchase),followed by issue of transfer forms (documents used to indicate evidence of property transfer) and the title deed (legal document that shows evidence of ownership of a property). Also required during purchase is a copy of the vendor’s/buyer’s identification documents, along with 2 passport photographs of the vendor/buyer.



Required documentation:

  • You must have fully completed forms 8, 10, 18, 23 from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
  • A set of authentic deed plans.
  • 3 passport photos
  • Area land Committee report
  • District land officer technical report
  • Receipt of payment
  • Forwarding letter requesting for a leasehold title signed by the District Land officer of the respective District where the land is located.
  • Present original copies and photocopies (of the above documents) to the department of land Administration for processing where photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Check for approval of documents within a period of ten working days.
  • Once approved the documents are then forwarded to the office of titles for preparation and issuance of lease agreements, sealing by the chairperson and secretary of the respective district land board. This takes ten working days.
  • Pay stamp duty
  • Once the lease documents have been fully signed, sealed and embossed at URA, you’re then issued photocopy of lease agreement (signed, stamped “Received”).
  • On presenting the stamped “Received” copy you’re then issued a Leasehold title.

Fees paid to URA – 1% of the premium ground Rent.

Fees paid to Ministry and District

Registration fees: UGX. 10,000

Assurance of Title: UGX 20,000

Issuance of Title: UGX. 20,000

Preparation of lease: UGX 20,000



Required documentation:

  • Two sets of dated, embossed Caveat Documents duly witnessed by advocate and signed by you (Deponent).
  • Statutory declaration signed by deponent and Commissioners for Oaths.
  • 2 passport photos of deponent
  • Present original copies and photocopies (of the above documents) to the Office of Titles for processing where photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Confirm entry of caveat in the register after a period of ten working days.



Required documentation:

  • A letter of withdrawal of caveat
  • 1 passport photo of deponent
  • General receipts for payment of stamp duty and registration fee
  • Present original copies and photocopies of the above documents to the Department of Land Registration for processing where photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Present the stamped “Received” copy after a period of five working days to confirm whether the caveat has been removed from the register.

Fees Involved

Registration fees – UGX. 10,000

Stamp Duty – UGX 5,000



Required documentation:

  • 2 sets of Mortgage deeds
  • Duplicate title
  • 2 passport photos
  • Receipt of payment
  • Present original copies and photocopies (of the above documents) to the department of Land Administration for processing where photocopies are stamped “Received” and returned to you.
  • Check for approval of documents within a period of ten working days.
  • On presenting the stamped “Received” copy you’re then issued a duplicate title and Mortgage deed.

Fees Involved

Stamp duty – 0.05% of the value of the mortgage.

registration fees – UGX. 15,000

If it’s a company an additional UGX 5,000 is paid for perusal of Company Records.

If the mortgage affects more than one title, an additional

UGX 5,000 is paid for each extra plot.

Crane Management Services Limited

National Housing - Head Office

Apartments & Houses To let


The electrical power is composed of hydro and thermal power generated from Bujagali and Owen Falls dam. Power is then transmitted to various distributors in Uganda.


Electricity in the Kampala market

UMEME is in charge of the management and total distribution network for both domestic and industrial electricity in Kampala – Capital Region. Consumers are billed based on the energy used. UMEME draws up energy prices based on different elements: taxes, energy costs, rate for use of the networks and public surcharges.
Most domestic and small commercial customers have been converted to the Prepaid Metering system ‘Yaka’. UMEME is responsible for the cost of Yaka installation for domestic and ordinary commercial customers.
Currently credit vouchers can be purchased from Banks and through PayWay.
What do I receive when my Yaka connection is complete?
The new meter will be installed in a tamper proof meter box. A swipe card will be issued and a Customer
Interface Unit (CIU) allowing you to monitor your energy consumption will be installed inside your premises.
You will also be given a copy of the Meter Installation Form. Currently, credit vouchers can be purchased from UMEME Service Centres, or Banks, or through Mobile Monet or Payway outlets.

You can chose to buy as much power as you please based on your consumption habits.
Once your units are complete, your electricity will go off. However,
the Yaka CIU will signal a warning beep when the credit is running low.
You are only charged for units used. If you plan to travel ensure that you load your Yaka meter with sufficient units or switch off electrical appliances.

In case you forget or lose your token number or slip simply call the UMEME Contact Centre on 0800 185 185 or 0800 185 186 or visit UMEME outlets with your meter number.
Safety Tips
Power surges are common in Uganda so ensure any sensitive equipment (e.g. fridges, computers) is protected with a surge protector, available from supermarkets and electrical stores.

Check the Umeme website for planned outages in your area.


Gas is available for domestic use in canisters of 6 and 15kg. You will need to pay a deposit for a gas cylinder and buy a regulator and rubber hose. Thereafter you pay to refill the canister, and get the deposit on the cylinder back if you return the cylinder to the supplier when you leave Uganda. Gas is supplied by big companies like Shell, Total, Kobil, Petrocity and Hash Energy.

Royal Gas Energies

Mogas Uganda Ltd

Oxygas Ltd


Africa Power and Equipment Ltd

Terrain Plant Ltd


Most Solar companies provide equipment for domestic (lighting, phone charging, television and fridges)

UltraTec (U) Ltd

Solar Construct


National Water and Sewerage Corporation (the authority for distribution of water) are the principle suppliers of water in Uganda.

The Bill
Clients are recognized by Property and Customer Reference number. With improved technology NWSC uses a Hand-held meter reading device to draw up the bill based on your meter. Payment is done using E-water payment system or at any Bank. Water Supply (In case of water shortage)

Tukolebukozi Water Supply


Uganda Martyrs Shrine Plumbing Hardware

You can access satellite services by subscribing directly to your desired cable or satellite provider.


In all cases, subscription is possible at providers’ shops/ outlets. The length of subscription and connection procedure will depend on the services chosen and equipment needed. All the relevant addresses are below:



Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is the regulatory body for the communication sector. The various Telecom companies can be differentiated by code. They have different call ratings and internet packages. In case you’re to travel check whether your desired network offers roaming services.


MTN Uganda


Internet connection can either be by modem/ wireless connection/ telephone/direct to handset. Internet providers directly offer internet services tailored to individual’s needs. Fibre optic cable is being installed throughout Kampala but is not available in all areas of the city.

Roke Telkom


Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL)


Smile Communications Uganda Ltd


You can purchase a SIM – Card for your handset at any customer care centre. They are usually branded with the kind of telecom service available. It’s mandatory that every sim-card purchased is registered before usage. You can register at any registering agent of your respective network free of charge. You’re required to have a photocopy of a valid ID and a passport size photograph.

International Airtime Top Up

International Airtime Top Up™ allows you to load airtime easily while abroad or send some back home to any mobile phones across 250+ network operators in East Africa and over 100 countries.