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Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is the regulatory body for the communication sector. The various Telecom companies can be differentiated by code. They have different call ratings and internet packages. In case you’re to travel check whether your desired network offers roaming services.


MTN Uganda


Internet connection can either be by modem/ wireless connection/ telephone/direct to handset. Internet providers directly offer internet services tailored to individual’s needs. Fibre optic cable is being installed throughout Kampala but is not available in all areas of the city.

Roke Telkom


Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL)


Smile Communications Uganda Ltd


You can purchase a SIM – Card for your handset at any customer care centre. They are usually branded with the kind of telecom service available. It’s mandatory that every sim-card purchased is registered before usage. You can register at any registering agent of your respective network free of charge. You’re required to have a photocopy of a valid ID and a passport size photograph.

International Airtime Top Up

International Airtime Top Up™ allows you to load airtime easily while abroad or send some back home to any mobile phones across 250+ network operators in East Africa and over 100 countries.



• You should be aware that to live legally in Uganda, nationals of other countries should hold a residence document.
• Employing someone who is living illegally in Uganda can mean very stiff fines. You are running the risk of being reported (this does happen!) or of police checks in various public places where any person you employ is likely to be.

LOOKING FOR HELP Word of mouth between neighbours, a friend is often the system that works the best.


Recycle Household items in good condition are recycled

Grass Roots


Amani domestics (U) Ltd


WaterQuip Uganda Ltd


Spot Clean Dry Cleaners


A-Z Mobile Dog Training Unit Kampala


Sukhi Kampala Dog Services

Dr. Peter Pet & Dr. Winnie Akello

Vetluv Pet Travel

The Kampala Veterinary Surgery

All Creatures Entebbe Veterinary Centre


All large supermarkets stock a range of pet foods and supplies. Some petrol station shops have sacks of dog meal. Also there are a few pet stores, plus dog trainers. The Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (USPCA ) is a one stop centre for numerous dogs of different breeds and ages.


Posta Uganda

Most postal delivery to Uganda is to post boxes or private bags located in the Post Offices – so unless you can use your work address for mail delivery, you will need to rent a post box from your nearest post office (there are post offices in all the main suburbs of Kampala). Post Uganda have now launched a postal delivery service for an annual pre-payment of ugx 250,000 see www.ugapost.co.ug/node/16 for details.


FedEx Express ( Pax Transport Limited )

Mitchell Cotts Uganda Limited



Kampala Parking is entirely managed by Multiplex Ltd and Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA).Copies of the Highway Code are available from Prestige Driving School in Bugolobi market.

Parking tickets
Parking costs increased from 1st September. Parking in central Kampala costs ugx 1,000 per hour for the first hour, thereafter ugx 800 every 30 minutes. Parking tickets are available from the parking attendants.
You can also pay for your parking using your mobile. For MTN subscribers – dial *185# and *185*5*2# for Airtel subscribers then follow prompts. The default charge is Shs. 2000 and after 10cases of defaulting your car might get clamped.

Speed Limit: 50km/h in built up area and 100 km/h for high way roads unless otherwise indicated. Traffic police are now equipped with speed guns. Get a copy of the Highway Code from Prestige Driving School and keep it in your car.

Alcohol test: The legal blood alcohol limit in Uganda is 0.8%.equivalent to about 1 glass of beer or wine.


Cosco Parts and Auto Workshop Ltd


Auto Mobile Association of Uganda

Motor Serve Ltd

Toyota Uganda Limited


Pallmax East Africa


Auto Nagoya Customs Ware house

Japan Auto Traders (U) Ltd, COIN lCD


iDrive Uganda Adventure

Carparking in Kampala



Registration conditions:
Car clearance usually starts when the unit(car) is received at a registered customs, car bond where documents including transit documents(T1’s) are validated.
Customs agent will then put up an MVR-7001 online, and a SAD i.e. IM4 tax document captured to show tax assessment for the particular car.
The followings documents shall then be assembled and lodged in to customs.
Certificate of Incorporation (for companies)
Copy of passport (for individuals)
Motor vehicle application forms MV-7001 and acknowledgement receipt (obtained from the ura web portal and signed by client)
Vehicle export certificate, registration certificate (applies to UK origin), certificate of ownership (applies to Kenya origin)
De-registration certificates or vehicle log book (applicable to other countries)
Customs export entry from country of export
Previous registration number plates (if shipped with vehicle)
Vehicle owner must possess an active Tax identification Number (TIN)
If customs is satisfied with the declarations and submissions then the car is released to the owner and a new Ugandan logbook and number plates are issued.
For more information, check out
Toll free: 0800117000

Don’t forget to insure the vehicle with a Ugandan
insurance company.
Motor vehicle Declaration
Motor Vehicle is categorized into:
Used Unit (8 years + of Usage), New Unit.
Used Unit: Valued based on customs value and Subjected to 25% Environmental tax
New Unit: valued based on unit commercial invoice
Requirements for declaration
Authorising letter (Unit owner issues an authorizing clearance letter to its clearance agent).
Once unit has been confirmed for entry by the customs business center, approval for first time registration is triggered off from the URA web portal and notification is sent to the clearing agent and importer confirming approval of application and assigning number plates. On acquisition of number plates the number plate manufacturer sends a notification to URA’s licensing office for the log-book to be printed. In order to have the unit exited, the clearing agent is required to present the following documents at the car bond: Log book, Reciept of No plate fee, No. plates along with other transit documents.

Number Plate Manufactures

Driving Licence

Anyone over 18 years old who holds a valid driving licence is authorised to drive a vehicle in Uganda.
Steps to get a permit
You pay Shs49,000 at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). Of this amount, Shs24,000 is for a learners’ permit. Shs25,000 is for test fees.
Visit any medical practitioner for certification.
You then pay Shs30,000 at Face Technologies. Your biometrics are taken and you are issued a learners’ permit.
You pay Shs49,000 at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). Of this amount, Shs24,000 is for a learners’ permit. Shs25,000 is for test fees.
You then pay Shs30,000 at Face Technologies. Your biometrics are taken and you are issued a learners’ permit.
You take this to the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV) for a driving test.
When you pass the test, you are informed. Likewise when you fail, you are told. For the successful learner, the IOV documents your results and sends them to URA in three days.
At the lapse of the three days you go back to URA and pay for a “full’ permit.You either pay Shs80,000 for three years or Shs56,000 for one year.
One week later, you go to Face Technologies and pay Shs60,000. You are issued a temporary drivers’ permit which is valid for one month.
A week later, you can pick your new permit.
Face Technologies Ltd
M505 Devon Kyambogo, Jinja Road
w: www.facegroup.co.za
You’re instantly receipted a temporary driving permit and an actual card after a month.
For Non Nationals
Necessary documentation
• You can drive in Uganda on a foreign licence for 3 months, after which you need to get a Ugandan licence.
• Download and fill in form TR VII from the www.ura.go.ug website. Under e-services, payment registration, NTR, choose the validity of permit required (1 year 55,000 ugx, 3 years 150,000 ugx), pay at a bank and take the receipt and form together with your original permit to Face Technologies in Kyambogo, where you pay ugx 60,000. You will be given a temporary permit and your licence will be ready after a week. If your original licence is not in English, you must get a translation from a recognised translation service, eg the Dept of Languages at Makerere University.
Access the internet and go to the URA web portal; http:ura.go.ug register and obtain a ten digit Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
Upon successfully getting a TIN, a message containing the TIN, pass code and effective date of registration is sent to you. Use this message to go to the URA web portal and on the left hand side find an icon ‘create account’. Once you click this, input you TIN, pass code and date of registration and submit. URA will send you a password. When you get this, go back to the web portal and click login and input your TIN and password.
This will prompt you to create your own password.

Go to the ‘login’ icon again and input your TIN and password. After logging to your account, you will be led to the motor vehicle registration where you will select ‘add vehicle details’ for vehicles already in use or MVR Agent registration for newly imported vehicles. This will take you to the ‘Applicant details’ at the top of the webpage. You will be required to select the URA office where you will collect your registration book. You will also select ‘vehicle details’, input the details such as the make of the vehicle, chassis and engine numbers as provided in the log book.
Select next which will take you to registration details.
Here you will in put the registration number, date of first registration, type of registration (first time registration) and serial numbers at the back and front of the registration plates and there after submit the form. The system will then generate an acknowledgement receipt and URA will compare if the information provided matches with that in the system. If all tallies, the old logbook will be withdrawn and the new one issued but if not, you will be required to take your vehicle to the URA office for verification.
In case you cannot trace the owner who sold the motor vehicle to you yet that person did not transfer it into your name; place a notice in the newspapers for 14 days and swear an oath/affidavit with court and go to the URA office to facilitate you with registration.
You will need to pay stamp duty of Uganda shillings 5,000 on the sales agreement.


Mobile Information

  • On your Smartphone, Android or IPhone, you can download the app googlemaps
  • You can pick up a detailed map identifying routes in Kampala from our offices (Expats in Uganda).
  • Aristoc sells a comprehensive A-Z mapbook of Kampala.


Air Serv Limited

Brussels Airlines

Ethiopia Airlines

Kenya Airways Ltd

Rwandair Express

South African Airways

Asante Aviation Ltd

Delta Air Lines Inc.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Qatar Airways

Turkish Airlines


Airport Express

Whitelines School Bus