Home Sweet Home

Don’t we all love returning to a comfortable home! In Kampala there are stores where you can experiment with exciting home accessories. Wherever you live in Uganda, there’ll be a store nearby that can help you light up your living room; the question is, in what way? We bring you a few stores and our choice of home accessories, all made here on Ugandan soil.

Cushion Covers

Nothing says cozy like hand-knitted cushions and throws. Banana Boat, Definition, With Love From Africa, Kampala Fair and Kona – all of them have their unique way of doing things. Kampala Fair’s bright, fun fabric cushion covers are made out oflocally-tailored kitengyi, washableand easy care. Kona’s cushionsare a blend of both Indian fabric and Ugandan kitengyi. With Love From Africa cushions are cotton, hand-made by local artisans. These options can revive your chairs, turning your old furniture from meh to amazing!

Rugs and Runners

When it comes to rugs, Kampala Fair and Banana Boat have a solution for you. There are hand-knitted colourful rugs made out of kitengyi from Kampala Fair, interesting mats and rugs at Banana Boat. The ones made from sisalare where you should begin, so as to be able to coordinate with your furniture pieces. With our unpredictable, cold weather a rug below your chair comes in handy. I love the pattern-size of these rugs and runners.

Home ware

Good Glass create quirky, fun home waresout of bottles, using charming, naïve designson their beer and wine glasses.Their vases are in high demand,using recycled luxury liquor brands such as Bacardi, Savanna, and Corona Extra. Well-modelled cheese trays, pottery plates, crates for storage, available at Good Glass.Vintage coasters from Kona and crafty ones from Banana Boat.

Wall Hangings

Banana Boat has wall hangings is different sizes. Konahas little colourful posts,Good Glass can also customize your wall hanging with your choice of wordsposted on a black board. These home décor pieces will perfectly sum up your sense of style and humour


The long-established, Banana Boat with stores all over the city has authentic crafty lamps in all sizes. Good Glass has table lamps modelled out of glass.

Wind Chimes

Available at Good Glass. I found interesting knitted decor for your door from Kona, mobiles and beaded Geckos at Banana Boat.

Candles and Stands

Banana Boat has a range of candle stands as has Good Glass. You can also order scented candles in lavender or storena, a strong mosquito repellant.


Design Kwetu specialises in pallets, from hand-made recycled timber furniture to décor. You can buy your pallets from them or have them work to your specifications; my advice would be to have the professionals do the work. Their pallets can be modelled into beds, chairs, interior décor, and all sorts of wood accessories. They will also deliver to your home or office.


Let there be light! Sadolin Paint’s recent campaign Kyifansarira (meaning“refurbish”) is all about a neo-flourish of positive energy. Encouraging sentiments such as making life simple, practical and, above all, as cheerful as possible, it’s that easy-to-do alteration in your home with Sadolin paints this New Year. Check out our DIY at the front (page3) for tips on how you can turn your home around without spending tons of money.

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