Izumi restaurant lounge is-kololos newest hidden gem

Izumi (a Japanese word which means natural spring) Restaurant & Lounge symbolizes freshness, and opened for business a month ago. It boasts exquisite cuisines of Pan-Asian specialities like Thai, Japanese, Dim sums and Sushi bar entres.
Sarika Kapur and Mira Masrani, the proprietors have been in the restaurant business for two decades, operating restaurants like Khana Khazana and Khazana The Verandah.
I wandered in on a cloudy Friday; and I was greeted by the security man and the friendly waiting staff, dressed in black.

The incredible aroma of savory dishes being cooked welcomes you. As you enter, you immediately notice a lavish setting, a captivating marriage of beautifully cut antique black stones with luxuries of modernity, the lounge with dark gray sofa sets and a glass table plus chairs with gold legs. The fully-stocked bar has variety of whiskeys, drinks, and champagne. The dim brown lights give a romantic impression of comfort as soft fast music is played. The setting is that of Japanese and Thai restaurants, for you cant fail to notice Japanese symbols and themes.

The place is cozy with a handful of tables, dark plates, and a set of silver cutlery. The windows are wide allowing natural light to blend in with the recessed bright lights hidden inside the ceiling. The pendant lights over the bar have golden-like delicate necklaces wrapped around the bulbs that emit a mixture of brown and gold light. I watched Mrs. Kapur interacting with the customers. Her warmth together with the openness of the staff created a family feel.

The quality of the food matches the positive atmosphere. I ordered a cocktail called, NO IDEA. The maroon iced liquid left a cool, sweet tingling sensation on my tongue. The menu offers a wide range of mouthwatering meals. I ordered Thai lime beef skewers, Thai chicken with cashew nuts and steamed rice, served with fresh vegetables with a sweet sauce. In a few minutes, my meal was ready.

The sweet sauce served hot in a dark casserole, was a caramelized dark brown color coated with a little oil that made it glitter and look colorful and appealing to the eyes. The cabbage, fried onions, and tomatoes were fresh and cooked perfectly, the chicken was incredibly tender with a brown smooth succulent rich texture. The cashew nuts had a crispy golden look with a little smear of oil paired with a spicy flavorful scent. The beef was well-seared to help it retain its juice and tenderness.

I wasnt disanointed. For health-conscious customers, you can order oriental salads and soups. They also have a good selection of home-baked desserts such as Coconut and Chocolate cakes, Mousse, Lemongrass Crme Brule and many more.

The prices are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend going to Izumi Restaurant & Lounge.

38 Upper Kololo Terrace in Kampala.
Tel: 0782 503655 / 0795308582
Cuisine: Pan Asian
Hours 12:00pm to 3:00pm
6:00pm to 11:00pm

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