‘Kannagara’ means the way of the soul. At Kannagara we organise programmes, retreats and coaching for people to come together and grow, learn from each other and excel in all the different areas of our life.

In our life we have different areas – relationships, health, family, money, career, contribution, friends, hobbies and some of these areas will be working for us, some are not working, and some may not be working as well as we would like them to. In our programmes, retreats and coaching we take a look at some of these areas of our life and we see where we are now, where we want to be and what is stopping us getting there.

“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” Paulo Coelho

What often stops us achieving our true potential is what we call limiting beliefs. We create these limiting beliefs from childhood and as we move through life. When you are able to break these limiting beliefs you can then start to create the reality you want. Whether you want a breakthrough in your career, in your relationship, your health or your family Kannagara is the place to come to – to work on yourself.

There is an unlimited potential that we all have inside of ourselves and often we limit our capacity as human beings. At Kannagara we look at unleashing your potential!

We believe that this world needs more leaders, healers, change makers and lots of love and kindness and we create this by creating communities to support each other to make a difference. Once we focus on our own growth and develop ourselves to be strong and capable human beings we will automatically inspire and impact those around us.

Are you looking to clarify your goals and vision?

Are you looking for emotional balance and the courage to follow through your intuition?

Would you like to have a breakthrough in your health, physical strength and vitality?

Would you like to be more peaceful and happy in your day to day life?


Expect to learn, make new friends, laugh, reflect and stretch yourself on any of our offerings.

‘Think deeper, grow further, seek longer and experience more’

Contact us for more information:

Email: info@kannagara.co.uk

Website: www.kannagara.co.uk

Uganda line: 0773732780

Whats app number: +447710193252