Plastic bottles reuse and recycle

There are numerous organizations worldwide protesting the single-use plastic object because of the ubiquitous pollution caused by the thoughtless discarding of such items. Even the remotest places on earth are polluted with plastic waste which takes thousands of years to break down and never fully biodegrades. In fact, it is broken into smaller and smaller pieces many of which are consumed by water creatures in mistake for food. Although Uganda is landlocked, its watercourses, lakes, and river are equally under threat from such pollution.

• Stop using single-use plastic bottles
• Encourage all businesses and other uses to stop using single-use bottles
• Re-use or recycle plastic bottles

This article will help you with the third! Christmas decorations using plastic bottles – inspired by many videos on YouTube, some listed below and many more available!

The basic principles below will get you started, but the results will vary depending on which bottle you choose to use: who knew there are so many different types?

However, I discovered that they have one thing in common – the extrusion process is based on a division of 5 – look at the bottoms of the bottles! This is the basis of many designs – use the base as your guide!

You will need:

Plastic bottles, PVA (white) glue, glitter, acrylic paint/ spray paint, paintbrush, gold/red thick thread, gold/ red narrow ribbon, small beads, craft knife, scissors, push pin, bodkin, newspaper

optional: hot glue gun and glue, small seasonal decorations, marker pens


Pour glitter on to a sheet of newspaper for each col- our. When finished you can pour what’s left into a container for next time.

Tip for parents:

Get the children to help – but remind them not to touch their faces when using glitter! Wash hands thoroughly afterward!


Here is a range of flowers you can make. Note the 5 petals and 5 leaves, made from small size water bottles.

Cut a bottle in half – make an incision with the craft knife, then use scissors to cut a straight line around the middle of the bottle. Take each half and cut five times (use the pattern on the bottom of the bottle to guide you) down towards the bottom, leaving 1-2 cms at the base. Do the same towards the top – you’ll have to guess the spacing, or use your bottom cuts to guide you. Bend the strips back. Now shape these strips; at the top make the strips quite pointed, tapering gently, and the bottom ones a little more blunt V-shape.


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