Expats in Uganda

Your Practical Guide to settling and living in Uganda


Uganda is arguably among the friendliest countries in Africa. The peace and continued growth over the years have attracted a good number of visiting tourists, foreign embassies, and large multinationals, who carry along staff when setting up shop here. It’s no surprise therefore that many visiting expats have chosen to settle, long after serving out their work contracts. If you are considering a permanent move to Uganda, accommodation and housing should be high on your priority list. Worry not, we decided to run a special for you in this edition of Expats In Uganda. The development of new residential areas in the outskirts of Kampala has increased the options for luxury housing, and this has opened up neighborhoods like Naalya, Kira, Kisaasi, and Kiwatule, to expat residents.

Your options when it comes to long term housing are split between leasing and renting a house.The 1996 Constitution grants land ownership rights solely to citizens of Uganda, foreign nationals and corporations may, however, obtain leases for 49 or 99 years.
If you are on a budget and willing to trade in your privacy for a more affordable option, sub-letting to split costs with a housemate could work.
In Uganda, there are no tenant protection laws, rent can be freely negotiated between tenant and land lord,but will most likely require a security deposit which is worth one month’s rent. Advance payment from three months to a year’s rent is typically paid and succeeding rent is paid quarterly in advance. Typical rental agreements last for one to two years. Normally, a three month’s notice period is included in the contract, and in some cases, a break-off or diplomatic clause is included.

According to Knight Frank, a local real estate firm, there are old and new expatriate dominated areas in and around Kampala. The old areas have been established expatriate housing areas for more than a decade, are located in and around the city center (Bugolobi, Naguru, Kololo, etc.), and are generally of higher cost. The new areas are in the outskirts of the city, usually have better views, and are less expensive.



Accomodation Address Telephone Website E-Mail
Dianwill Hotel t: 0414 660 151 / 0775 649 983 / 078 557179 w: www.Dianwillhotel.com e: dianwillhotel@gmail.com
Forest Cottages 17/18 Upper Naguru Old Kira Road t: 0414 287 308, m: 0752 711 746 e: info@forest-cottages.com w: www.forest-cottages.com
Kabira Country Club 63 Old Kira Road, Bukoto t: 0312 227222-3 w:kabiracountryclub.com e:kabira@kabiracountryclub.com
Kampala Forest Resort Muyenga Tank Hill Road t: +256 751 612 157/+256 751 888 909   e: degiat92@gmail.com
Kampala Serena Hotel Kintu Road,Nakasero Hill, Kampala t: +256 732 123 333 w: www.serenahotels.com e: kampala@serena.co.ug.com, sales@serena.co.ug.com
Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa Kigo Rd,Uganda t: +256 313 221000 w: www.serenahotels.com,  
Nyumba 591 591, New Mulago Hill Road t: 0792 172017   e: nyumba591@gmail.com
Protea Hotel Kampala 4 Elgon Terrace, Kololo t: +256 312 550 000 e: guestservice@proteakla.co.ug w: www.proteahotels.com/kampala
Sheraton Kampala Hotel 7041, Ternan Avenue t: (256)(414) 424000/0312322499 e: reservations@sheratonkampala.com / info@sheratonkampala.com w: www.sheratonkampala.com
Speke Hotel (1996) Ltd 7/9, Nile Avenue t: 0414 259221/224 e: spekehotel@spekehotel.com w: www.spekehotel.com
Skyz Hotel 1 Waterlane Road, Naguru t: 0312554000 e: bq1@phnaguruskyz.com w: www.skyzhotel.com


Accomodation Address Telephone Website E-Mail
Bukoto Heights Apartments Plot 481/482 Bukoto t:0200 977 777/ 76, m: 0752 711 846 e: manager@bukotoheights.com w: www.bukotoheights.com
Bon Bini Residence Kampala,Muyenga, Bukasa Road t: +256-706-444-444 e: bonbiniresidence@gmail.com w: www.bonbiniresidence.com
Explorers Hub Plot 4,Lower Kololo Terrace,Kampala t: +256706616714   w: www.explorershubug.com
Fairway Hotel & Spa Plot 1-2 Kafu Road, Kampala t: +256 414 259 571/4, +256 789 493 088 e: booking@fairwayhotel.co.ug w: www.fairwayhotel.co.ug
Jubilation House Apartments Bunga, off Gaba Road,Kampala t/whatsApp:0772737006, 0705979747 / 0752323513 e: edisahope@gmail.com  
Kabira Country Club Ltd 63 Old Kira Road, Bukoto t: 0312 227 222/223 e: kabiracountryclub@kabiracountryclub.com w: www.kabiracountryclub.com
Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Wavamunno Rd, Kampala t: +256 417 716 000 / 200 e: info@munyonyocommonwealth.com w: www.munyonyocommonwealth.com
Soho Greens Furnished Apartments ABC Lane – Luteete Gayaza Lane t: +256 392 178125,+256 772 430338   w:www.sohogreensapartments.com
Speke Apartments 19, Wampewo, Kololo m: m: 0702 711200, 0702 711704, 0200 555 000 e: reservations@pekeapartments.com w: www.spekeapartments.com
The Seventeen Apartment Hotel 17, Kololo Hill Lane m: 0792 172017 e: the17onthehill@gmail.com w: www.the17apartmenthotel.com
Speke Resort Munyonyo Munyonyo Road t: t: 041 771600/716 200, 0752 711 842, e: spekeresort@spekeresort.com w: www. spekeresort.com
Turaco Nest 4A Sturrock Road, Kololo t: 0779 726 205 e: info@turacohomes.com w: www.turacohomes.com