Expats in Uganda

Your Practical Guide to settling and living in Uganda

Murchison Falls Protected Area covers a range of over 4500 km². The wandering herds of elephants and towering Borassus Palms make it a stunning landscape.
Visit the Top of Murchison Falls where the Nile is forced through a narrow gap in the rock before plunging 43 metres below. The steep but short walk to the bottom of the Falls is highly recommended.
No visit to Murchison is complete without the (three hour) boat trip to the bottom of the Falls, where you will see huge Nile crocodiles, hippos and 100s of birds, including brightly-coloured Bee-eaters, Spoonbills and, occasionally, the rare Shoebill.

Nile River Safaris – a variety of boat excursions on the Nile Falls and Delta area, sunset cruises, cheese and wine, sports fishing for Nile Perch and specialist trips. A variety of boats are available with experienced, trained skippers and safety equipment including life jackets for all on board.
Entebbe booking office t: 0414 321479 / 0772 502 155.
Murchison booking office t 0702 152 928 / 0773 897 275, murchisonboats@wildfrontiers.co.ug

Break up your journey to/from Murchison by visiting Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Go rhino trekking, on foot, for about an hour.
T: 0772 / 0758 713410 www.rhinofund.org

Budongo Ecotourism site, 60 km south of Murchison Falls, is an excellent place to track the forest’s 600-700 native chimps. For chimp permits, contact the lodge T: 0781 381332. Book in advance. info@ugandalodges.com

Kidepo Valley north-eastern Uganda says it’s their favourite National Park. Cheetah and Ostrich are some of Kidepo’s wildlife that you can’t see in any other Ugandan park. Driving to Kidepo takes at least 10 hours. Scheduled flights with Aerolink depart Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. T: 0317 333 000 www.aerolinkuganda.com

In Karamoja, explore the beautiful Narus Valley and visit the Karamajong Manyatta (homesteads), unique to the area.

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