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Your Practical Guide to settling and living in Uganda

National Social Security Fund

After acquiring a work permit, like any salaried

person you’re required to contribute financially to the system through “social charges” retained on your professional income.

The fund is fully funded by contributions from

employees and employers of the age between 16 and 54 years both contributing a total of 15% of your gross salary (i.e. 5% of their monthly wages and 10% of their member’s wages).

Any orgnisation that employs more than 5 people is required to register all employees .

Upon registration, you are then accorded an account with a unique number into which your contributions are posted and benefits are paid out when due.

Payments of Benefits

Below are circumstances under which a member may access his or her savings:

Age Benefit

Payable to a member who has reached retirement age of 55.

Withdrawal Benefit

Payable to a member who has attained the age of 50 years, and is out of regular employment for one year

Invalidity Benefit

Payable to a member who because of illness or any occurrence develops incapacity to engage in

gainful employment. A medical practitioner’s report is required.

Survivors benefit

Payable to the dependant survivor(s) in the event of a member’s death.

Exempted Employment benefit

Payable to employees with alternative social

security schemes recognized under the existing law as exempted from contributing to NSSF (such as Army, Police, prisons, Civil service and members of any scheme that the minister responsible for social security has formally exempted).

Emigration Grant

If you to move out of Uganda for good, you can

claim a reimbursement your contributions.

Mode of payment

Benefits are payable in lump sum comprising of member’s cumulative contributions and the

interest earned throughout the contributing period.

How to register

Check out at the head office:

National Social Security Fund

1 Pilkington Road, Worker House 14th floor,

t: 0417331755/999, w: www.nssfug.org

e: customerservice@nssfug.org