Expats in Uganda

Your Practical Guide to settling and living in Uganda

Banks have branches which offer a complete range of banking and financial services. Despite the development of e-banking, banks still have close contact with customers:
  1. Checking accounts for everyday transactions.
  2. Savings and deposit accounts.
  3. Securities accounts for the investment and management of your securities.
To open an account:
  1. You’re required to have a valid identification and Passport Photo. More to that, at times your required to have Proof of Place of abode, Recommendation from an existing customer of the bank (optional for some account types) & Minimum Account capital balance.
  2. You will then fill in an Account Opening Form of the preferred bank. After verification, the bank will create for you an account in the banking system which is then passed on to you. Transactions can be conducted over the counter or by an ATM card. Request for an ATM card from your bank, you will need it for convenience.
Most banks offer:
  1. Telephone banking: Banking and financial services for instance; keeping customers updated with their account balances / transactional history through your telephone.
  2. Mobile banking: Most banks offer mobile banking transaction like inter account transfers, payment of utility bills, fees etc.
  3. Internet banking: you’re required to have internet connection. Apply to the bank for e-banking settings on your PC/Laptop/ I Pad or Android compatible gadget. Once these are done away with, the bank will share with you its e-banking portal and shall be maintained at certain fees per month.
Banks Opening Hours:
Generally from 8.30 am to 5pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays banks operate half day from 9am to 12 noon.
Private banking:
Your bank will advise you on managing your finances for both retail and wholesale banking needs at a premium. The benefits include hastened turn-around time, bulk transaction discounts, quick and reasonable priced over-drafts, loans, Bank Guarantees etc.


Bank of Uganda 37-43 Kampala Road T: 0414258441-61 / 041425061 W: www.bou.or.ug E: info@bou.org.ug


Letshego 9 Wampewo Avenue T: 0414 237 330 E:info@leshego.com W:www.letshego.com
See the full list below;
Commercial Banks Address E-Mail Website Telephone
ABC Capital Bank 4 Pilkington Road, Colline House abc@abccapitalbank.co.ug www.abccapitalbank.co.ug Bank of Africa +256-414 345 200
Bank of Africa House 45 Jinja Road boa@boa-uganda.com www.boa-uganda.com +256-414 302 001/+256-312 254 100
Bank of Baroda 18 Kampala Road bobho@dmail.ug www.bankofbaroda.ug +256-414 237 898/ +256-414 233 680/1
Barclays Bank 2 Hannington Road, Barclays House Barclays.Uganda@barclays.com www.barclays.com +256-312 218 300/317
Bank of India (Uganda) 37 Jinja Road BOI.Uganda@bankofindia.co.in +256-313 400 400 / +256-414 341 880
Cairo International 30 Kampala Road, Greenland Towers cibug@infocom.co.ug www.cairointernationalbank.co.ug 0414 230 141 / 0414 230 136/7
CBA Bank 10 Kafu Road, Twed Towers, Nakasero www.cbagroup.com 0312188400
Centenary Rural Development Bank 44/46 Kampala Road, Mapeera House info@centenarybank.co.ug www.centenarybank.co.ug 0414 232 393 / 0414 346 856 / 0414 251 276/7
Crane Bank Ltd Crane Chambers, 38 Kampala Road cranebank@cranebanklimited.com www.cranebanklimited.com 0414 341 403/5 / 0414 345 345 / 0414 341 414
Citibank 4 Ternan Avenue, Centre Court www.citigroup.com +256-414 305 500 / +256-312 305 500
DFCU 2 Jinja Road customerservice@dfcugroup.com w: www.dfcugroup.com 0414 346 497 / 0414 351 000 / 0312 300200
Diamond Trust Bank 17-19 Kampala Road dtbu@spacenetuganda.com www.diamondtrust-bank.com +256-414 387 000 +256-312 261 167
East African Development Bank 4 Nile Avenue 0414230021
Eco Bank Uganda Ltd 4 parliamentary Avenue ecobankug@ecobank.com www.ecobank.com 0312266078
Equity Bank 390 Mutesa 1 Road, katwe info@equitybank.co.ug www.equity bank.co.ug 0312 262 437 / 0414 531 377
GT Bank 56 Kira Road bankingug@finabank.com www.finabank.com +256-414 233 824
Housing Finance 4 Wampewo Avenue Kololo, Investment House info@housingfinance.co.ug www.housingfinance.co.ug +256-414 259 651/2 / +256-312 262 614
Imperial Bank 6 Hannington Road info@imperialbank.co.ug 0312 320 400/9
KCB Bank Commercial Plaza, Plot 7 Kampala Road kcbugandaho@kcb.co.ug www.kcbbankgroup.com +256-417 118 200
NC Bank Plot 4/6, Nakasero Road, Rwenzori Towers info@nc-bank.com www.nic-bank.com 0417 337000 / 0312 388000
Orient Bank Ltd Plot 6/6A Kampala Road mail@orient-bank.com www.orient-bank.com 0417 719 100/228
Stanbic Bank 17 Hannington Road, Crested Towers Short Tower Plot w: www.stanbic.com 0312 224 111/ 600 / 0417 154 600
Standard Chartered 5 Speke Road scb_uganda@ug.standardchartered.com www.standardchartered.com 0414 258 211/7 / 0414 349 505
Tropical Bank 27 Kampala Road admin@trobank.com www.trobank.com 0414 313 100
United Bank for Africa 22 Jinja Road, Spear House 0417 715 122 / 0417 715 100 ubauganda@ubagroup.com www.ubagroup.com
Development Banks
East African Development Bank 4 Nile Avenue 0414230021
Uganda Development Bank 6, Nakasero Rd, Rwenzori towers info@udbl.co.ug 0414 355550/5/6
Letshego 9 Wampewo Avenue info@letshego.com www.letshego.com 0414 237 330
Forex Bureaux are everywhere in town and offer the advantage of being open at weekends; and, they charge a different, more advantageous, rate than the banks. They charge no fee on exchange, but on the other hand they take higher commission than the banks on other operations. Speke Hotel Nile Avenue t: 0414343700 / 0414344006 Gold Finger 3 Kimathi Avenue t: 0414349849 Grand Imperial Nile Avenue t: 0414250681-8 e: imperial@starcom.co.ug Lloyds Forex Bureau Forest Mall, Ground Floor t: 041414253374 Metropolitan Metropole House, 8-10 Entebbe Road, t: 0414342443 / 0414232620 Shumuk Grand Imperial Hotel Entrance, t: 0414259736 m: 0772653808,Pioneer Mall Shop No. 39, Kampala Road. t: 0414342834 m: 0772424336 Speedbird Sheraton Arcade, Ternan Avenue, Nakasero t: 0414254521 m: 0772700007 Zain Forex Bureau Old Branch Ntinda Shopping centre e: zain.forex@yahoo.com, 0312 266 686 / 0701 333 666
This is developing at a high rate due to the element of convenience, safety, quick money transfer. All the four prominent telecom companies have dealers on Kampala outskirts ( Airtel money, MTN mobile Money, M-Pesa). It’s mandatory for every dealer to always have a chart indicating transaction costs that differ based on the amount transacted. On the other hand the cost of Mobile transacting is quite higher compared to banking. You can directly pay your utility bills with your Mobile Money Account.


t: 0794710924,

e: brendan.cronin@commercialis.com

Taxation in Uganda has been mandated to a central Government semi-autonomous body – Uganda Revenue Authority and apparently, there are a number of laws through which residents and non-residents are taxed. These among others include;
  1. Income Tax Act – ITA
  2. The Value Added Tax Act;
  3. Stamps Act
  4. The Traffic and Road Safety Act;
  5. East African Community Customs Management Act (imports and exports).
A resident individual is a person who has a permanent home in Uganda; or is present in Uganda for a period of 183 days or more in any twelve months period that commences or ends during the year of income; or during the year of income and in each preceding two years of income, the individual is present for periods averaging to 122 days in each of such years; or is an employee or official of the Government of Uganda posted abroad during the year of income. A non- resident is therefore the opposite of a resident. A resident company is one which; is incorporated in Uganda under the laws of Uganda; is managed or controlled in Uganda at any time during the year of income; undertakes majority of its operations in Uganda during the year of income. A resident partnership is one where any of the partners was a resident person in Uganda during the year of income.


Income Tax is imposed on a person’s taxable income at specific rates. A person under the ITA includes; an individual, a company, partnership, trustee, government and subdivision of government. Income Tax is charged on every person who has chargeable income (comprising business, employment and property) for each year of income. Chargeable Income is the GROSS INCOME of a person for the year of income less total deductions allowed under the ITA while Gross Income is the total amount of business, employment and property income other than exempt income.There are two categories of persons under the ITA, Resident and non-residents.


PAYE tax should be deducted at source by the employer and remitted monthly to URA. Employees who pay PAYE and have no other source of income do not need to complete an annual tax return.

B. Corporate Income Tax
• Resident and Non Resident Companies – 30% of profits after deducting expenses. • Mining Companies – Ranges between 25% and 45% of profits. • Trustee Companies – 30% of Income • Retirement Fund – 30% of income. • Branches are taxed at 30% and there is an additional tax of 15% which effectively applies to profits repatriated to head office.
C. Withholding Tax
i) Professional fees
• Residents A resident person who pays management or professional fees to a resident professional is required to withhold tax at a rate of 6% of the gross payment. • Non residents Withholding tax is imposed on every non-resident person deriving incomeunder a Ugandan – source service contract. This is a contract under which the principle purpose is the performance of services which gives rise to income sourced in Uganda, and any goods supplied under the contract are only incidental to the purpose. A Ugandan-sourced service contract does not include an employment contract. The tax is charged at a rate of 15% of the gross amount of any payment to the non-resident under the Ugandan sourced service contract. Any person who enters into any service contract with a non-resident is required, within 30 days of entering into the contract, to notify the Commissioner of the nature and duration of the service contract, and disclose the particulars of the non-resident to whom the payment is to be made, as well as the full contract value. Basing on this, the Commissioner may require the payer to withhold the relevant tax at a rate specified in the Commissioner notice
ii) Interest payments
A resident person who pays interest to another resident person is required to withhold tax at 15% of the gross amount of the interest paid.This withholding tax is not applicable where interest is paid by a natural person, interest, other than interest from government securities, paid to a financial institution, interest is paid by a company to an associated company or interest paid is exempt from tax in the hands of the recipient.
iii) Dividends
A resident Company which pays a dividend to a resident shareholder is required to withhold tax at 15% of the gross amount of the dividend paid, except where the dividend income is exempt from tax in the hands of the shareholder. Where the shareholder is a natural person (resident individual), the tax withheld on such dividend income is final.
iv) International payments
Tax is imposed on every non-resident person who derives any dividend, interest, royalty, rent, natural resource payment or management charge from sources in Uganda. The tax is withheld by the payer at a rate of 15% of the gross amount before payment/remittance of the amount is made. However interest paid abroad by a resident person is exempt from tax if: • Borrowing is through debentures which were widely issued for purposes of raising loan capital to carry out business in Uganda. • Borrowing is made from a financial Institution of a public character.
v) Non Resident entertainers or sports persons
Tax is imposed on the income derived in Uganda by every non-resident entertainer, sports person, or theatrical, musical or other related groups of entertainers. The tax is charged at a rate of 15% of the gross amount of the remuneration derived by the public entertainer/sports person. Where the tax is levied on a group, every member of the group is jointly and severally liable for payment of the tax.

The URA helpline is an excellent source of information 0800117000

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