English is the basic language of education used in Kampala schools. In addition schools complement this with Swahili and French.
Nursery schools:
From the age of 3 to 5; This is more like kindergarten. All nursery schools in Kampala are privately owned.
Primary schools:
From the age of 6 to 12. Primary schools are both private and Government owned. There are 81 Government owned primary schools.
Secondary schools:
From the age of 12 to 18. This level is categorized into O-level (a cycle of 4 years) and A-level (A cycle of 2 years). Secondary schools are both private and government owned. International schools also offer international curricula – eg the IB system.
There are a range of universities in and around Kampala, both government and privately owned, some with religious affiliations. Also technical colleges, all of which can easily be found on the internet. Courses last between 3 – 5 years.

Schools using the Montessori method
Montessori education follows the principles of an Italian physician, Maria Montessori. She believed in human development through freedom of choice within limits, in a discovery- type situation rather than by formal instruction, in mixed age classrooms. This method only works really well with a Montessori trained teacher. Although new to Uganda, Montessori primary schools have been established for many years in Europe and America.
Honey-Tree Montessori Pre-School
950 Kisugu Road
t: 0414268068, m: 0752 616777
Montessori Pre – School and Day Care Centre
2155 Old Jinja Road
m: 0782 713547
e: montessoridcc@yahoo.com
The ‘Kraanvogel’ is the Dutch School for pupils at primary and secondary level to have Dutch Language and Cultural Classes.
Classes are organized at 4 different international schools: KISU, ISU, Rainbow and Ambrosoli and take place directly after regular school hours. For more information, please contact our director: Saskia Hegge (256 (0)774033202) or e: info@nederlandseschoolkampala.nl.

In Kampala the international schools follow a variety of curricula to prepare students for university, both in Uganda or outside. Some also offer certification following vocational training.
Acorns International School
Plot 328 Kisota Road(Along Northern bypass Kisaasi roundabout)
t: +256 758 490 347, m: +256 756 202 665
e: info@ais.ac.ug, w: www.ais.ac.ug
Is an International International Baccalaureate(IB) Continuum School, Primary Years Programme from Year 1 to 6, Middle Years Programme (MYP) from Year 7 to 11, Diploma Programme (DP) and A Levels for Years 12 & 13.
Aga Khan Education Service, Uganda
P.O. Box 5837, Kampala
t: 0414308231, Fax: 0414 255408,
e: stephen.mawanda@akesu.org
Ambrosoli International School
10/12 Binayomba Street (Off Luthuli Ave)
Bugolobi, P.O. Box 10546 Kampala, Uganda
t :+256 (0) 414 220 416,+256 (0) 392 266 777,
+256 (0) 392 266 778
e: admissions@ambrosolischool.com
e: headteacher@ambrosolischool.com
w: www.ambrosolischool.com/
Delhi Public School International
17-15 Saddler way, Naguru,
t: 0759 711 126 / 0759 711 190
e: admissions@dpsuganda.com
w: www.dpsuganda.com
French School of Kampala
Experience the quality of the French education
System in an international school of achievement and excellence open to all students.
Lugogo By-pass, Kampala
t: 0312261252, m: +256776329032
email. info@ecolfrankampala.fr
w: www.ecolfrankampala.fr
Galaxy International School Uganda
1077, Lubowa Estate, Entebbe Road
t: 0787-905617/ 0781-468000
e: info@gisu.ac.ug, prgisu@gisu.ac.ug
(We offer the Cambridge Curriculum, IPC and IEYC. Ages 2.5 to 18 years old. We offer Scholarships upto 100%. T&C Apply.)

Harmony International Preschool
Kiwafu Road, Kansanga
t: 0790914771 / 0794002007 / 0792896234
w: infoharmonypreschooluganda.com/
w: www.harmonypreschooluganda.com

Heritage International School
Off Ggaba Road Kansanga
t: 0393596033 / 0393596034
e: his@heritage.co.ug
w: www.heritage.co.ug
(Enrols from Pre-school to Grade 12. EYFS, International Primary Curriculum, High School Diploma. IGCSE and AP courses offered)

7Hills International School
Plot 39, Malcom X Avenue.
t:+256(0)752 744 557
e: info@7hillskampala.com
w: www.7hillskampala.com
Offers: IMYC and IGCSE

International School Of Uganda
Plot 272 Entebbe Rd, Kampala, Uganda
t: +256 41 4200374/+256 414 200374/8/9,
+256 757 754808/ 0772 754810
e: admin@isumail.ac.ug, w: www.isu.ac.ug.(Offers three International Baccalaureate programmes: the Primary Years Programme (Junior School), the Middle Years Programme (grades 6-10) and the Diploma Programme (grades 11 and 12).

Kampala Community International
Ages: 6months – 5 years
Plot 7 Makajja Close, Naguru Kampala.
t: +256 791 208654, e: info@kcipreschool.com, w: www.kcipreschool.com
Kampala Community International School
Kampala Community International School (KCIS)
Plot 10, Ntinda View Crescent, Naguru
t:077 6666 885, e: hello@kciskampala.com
w: www.kciskampala.com
Kabojja International School
Buziga – Mulamula Road
t: 0393110772, e: 0393110775

Kampala Parents School
17-25 Saddler Way, Naguru,
t: 0752 711 911 / 0752 711 792/ 0752711913,
e: admissions@kampalaparents.com
w: www.kampalaparents.com

Kissyfur International Pre/Kindergarten and Day Care
Since 1993 with day care facilities (18 months – 6 years) learning through Play-Way method and Child – Centre approach.
Plot 98 Luthuli Avenue,
t: 0414 222 095, m: 0782801407
w: www.kissyfuruganda.com
e: kissyfur@nca.co.ug
Oak International School
Plot 4769, Kawuku Road,
Ggaba, Bunga, m: 0702-202-775 / 0706-202-777
e: info@oakinternational.ac.ug
(Offers international Cambridge IGCSE curriculum)

Rainbow International School Uganda
Kansanga (Off Ggaba Road) Nanganda,
Lukuli, Tyaba Zone,
Kampala, Uganda
t: 0312266696/7, m: 0772543418, 0757 543418
e: pro@risu.sc.ug w: www.risu.sc.ug
St. Marcelino Pre- School
Kivebulaaya Road, Mengo
t: 0775218937, 0393290345
e: stmarcelino@gmail.com

The English Pre-School
Plot 182 Gaba Rd,t: 0782 597 629
e: theenglishpreschool@yahoo.com
Kampala International School Uganda
Plot No. 447, Block 213, Old Kira Road, Bukoto,
P.O Box 34249 Kampala – Uganda
Admissions: +256 752 711 882,
t: +256 752 711 789
e: office@kisu.com,mktg@kisu.com,
Pathway Study Abroad
Pathway Study Abroad is a prominent, East African based, international student recruitment agency with a large portfolio of education institutions globally. We bridge the gap between students seeking an overseas education and the foreign universities at the forefront of emerging technology and cutting edge research.
Ntinda Complex Block B 3rd Floor,
Ntinda – Kisaasi Road, P.O.Box 29809
Kampala, Uganda
t: +256 414 662 832, m: +256 785 617 670
e: info@psaeduc.com, w: www.psaeduc.com
Blue Sky Education
t: 0786250371/0700777682
e: Kenneth@blueskyeducation.org
w: www.blueskyeducation.org
Garcias & Roca Consultants ltd
Organizational Psychology, Training, Mediating,Empowering and Coaching.
t: +256 789 953 087, t: +254 705 978 846
w: www.claragarcias.com

Goethe – Zentrum Kampala/ Uganda German Cultural Society
German, Luganda, Swahili, English
Bukoto Street, Plot 52, Kamwokya
P.O.Box 11778, Kampala
m.+256794303703, t.+256414533410
email. info@goethezentrumkampala.org

City Language Centre
(Luganda, Swahili, English, )
zana-Nyanama rd (99.70 mi) Kampala, Uganda
t: 0779 790 093, 0772 501679
email. info@clckampala.com
P.O.Box 24398, Kampala, Uganda
w: www.clckampala.com

Ggaba School for Special Needs Children
(4-17 yr olds), Ggaba, Kampala.
Kampala School for Physically Handicapped,
(KSPH), Mengo, PO Box 14278
Uganda School for the Deaf
Ntinda, 5-17 years
Mulago School for the Deaf
On Church Road.
Salama School for the Blind
Mukono 22km / 13 miles east of Kampala International School of Uganda
72-273 Lubowa Estates
t: 0757754808 , e: admin@isumail.ac.ug
w: www.isu.ac.ug
Acorns International School
Plot 328 Kisota Road(Along Northern bypass Kisaasi roundabout)
t: +256 758 490 347, m: +256 756 202 665
e: info@ais.ac.ug, w: www.ais.ac.ug
Victoria University
Victoria Towers,
Plot 1 – 13 Jinja Road, Kampala,
Tel: +256 417 727 000, +256 759 996 130,
e: admissions@vu.ac.ug
w: www.vu.ac.ug
Kampala Music School
18 Kitante Close, off Yusuf Lule,
(Near Mulago Roundabout)
t: 0414 233215
m: 0773 327414, 0703 154031