Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is the regulatory body for the communication sector. The various Telecom companies can be differentiated by code. They have different call ratings and internet packages. In case you’re to travel check whether your desired network offers roaming services.


MTN Uganda


Internet connection can either be by modem/ wireless connection/ telephone/direct to handset. Internet providers directly offer internet services tailored to individual’s needs. Fibre optic cable is being installed throughout Kampala but is not available in all areas of the city.

Roke Telkom


Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL)


Smile Communications Uganda Ltd


You can purchase a SIM – Card for your handset at any customer care centre. They are usually branded with the kind of telecom service available. It’s mandatory that every sim-card purchased is registered before usage. You can register at any registering agent of your respective network free of charge. You’re required to have a photocopy of a valid ID and a passport size photograph.

International Airtime Top Up

International Airtime Top Up™ allows you to load airtime easily while abroad or send some back home to any mobile phones across 250+ network operators in East Africa and over 100 countries.