The electrical power is composed of hydro and thermal power generated from Bujagali and Owen Falls dam. Power is then transmitted to various distributors in Uganda.


Electricity in the Kampala market

UMEME is in charge of the management and total distribution network for both domestic and industrial electricity in Kampala – Capital Region. Consumers are billed based on the energy used. UMEME draws up energy prices based on different elements: taxes, energy costs, rate for use of the networks and public surcharges.
Most domestic and small commercial customers have been converted to the Prepaid Metering system ‘Yaka’. UMEME is responsible for the cost of Yaka installation for domestic and ordinary commercial customers.
Currently credit vouchers can be purchased from Banks and through PayWay.
What do I receive when my Yaka connection is complete?
The new meter will be installed in a tamper proof meter box. A swipe card will be issued and a Customer
Interface Unit (CIU) allowing you to monitor your energy consumption will be installed inside your premises.
You will also be given a copy of the Meter Installation Form. Currently, credit vouchers can be purchased from UMEME Service Centres, or Banks, or through Mobile Monet or Payway outlets.

You can chose to buy as much power as you please based on your consumption habits.
Once your units are complete, your electricity will go off. However,
the Yaka CIU will signal a warning beep when the credit is running low.
You are only charged for units used. If you plan to travel ensure that you load your Yaka meter with sufficient units or switch off electrical appliances.

In case you forget or lose your token number or slip simply call the UMEME Contact Centre on 0800 185 185 or 0800 185 186 or visit UMEME outlets with your meter number.
Safety Tips
Power surges are common in Uganda so ensure any sensitive equipment (e.g. fridges, computers) is protected with a surge protector, available from supermarkets and electrical stores.

Check the Umeme website www.umeme.co.ug for planned outages in your area.


Gas is available for domestic use in canisters of 6 and 15kg. You will need to pay a deposit for a gas cylinder and buy a regulator and rubber hose. Thereafter you pay to refill the canister, and get the deposit on the cylinder back if you return the cylinder to the supplier when you leave Uganda. Gas is supplied by big companies like Shell, Total, Kobil, Petrocity and Hash Energy.

Royal Gas Energies

Mogas Uganda Ltd

Oxygas Ltd


Africa Power and Equipment Ltd

Terrain Plant Ltd


Most Solar companies provide equipment for domestic (lighting, phone charging, television and fridges)

UltraTec (U) Ltd

Solar Construct


National Water and Sewerage Corporation (the authority for distribution of water) are the principle suppliers of water in Uganda.

The Bill
Clients are recognized by Property and Customer Reference number. With improved technology NWSC uses a Hand-held meter reading device to draw up the bill based on your meter. Payment is done using E-water payment system or at any Bank. Water Supply (In case of water shortage)

Tukolebukozi Water Supply


Uganda Martyrs Shrine Plumbing Hardware